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Let's be honest here, Tiggles couldn't hard dock with any I/O, no matter what Mist identifies with.

It's like watching Forrest Gump and Ray Babbit playing chess. No one knows the rules and both think they got the score.
I think he gave up the thought once he realized she only likes her dicks cold and rubberized.
Okay, I was trolling. FINE I admit it. AND I FEEL NO SHAAAAAME! |,,|. .|,,|
Is it wrong how much fun I have arguing/trolling with people who defend whether or not Shaun King is black?
Liking a sport for it's fans is... well, it's rather 'internet modern' so to speak so... cool.
Ultra what? Ultra Gays? Of course not, it’s rugby. Dirt, sweat, and blood half diluted by lager.
does rugby have ultras? if not, it's not a sport to get excited over