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Outies... for now.
Nazi without the socialism jew-hate and arab-hugging (WTF was that about?), racist who is ready to send any Muslim to a concentration camp, dislikes all blacks except for Darius Rucker, Ru Paul, Morgan Freeman, Anita Baker and Delwin (aka Don Cheadle) cause they're all Brown Fae and not fucking black. Whiter than you. A fan of Japanese prints.
Stick to alcohol, will do! Anyways it was on a painted surface, so there were few options to start with. So onto other news I think there is a witch living across the road from me.
goof-off used to be good for tape residue but it got nerfed. napthanate (zippo fluid), xylene, isopropol alcohol. Dont use harsh solvents if its a glass or plastic surface stick to alcohol.
I had to remove glued on tape that was several years old. 1/2 hours work and still it's not all gone. They should build tanks outta that shit.
Status is clear. All is well
Flight Master's Whistle, in WoW, works in BfA at level 120 :) :)
Iannis, come back!!!!
And here I thought you really really liked me. it's a Southern music festival?
Just eat her peaches as well, and you'll get invited over again.
HAH, the double entendre just dawned on me. I'm slow
I'm eating a yellow water melon. What a crazy world we live in
8===D ~ ~~ ~ (^o^)