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Nothing more White than using the word Nunchuks.
(I made myself groan with how awful that pun is...)
But what about nun-guns? For the gun-owner with a habit.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. If it's for hot Asian pussy.
Your mind is corrupted by capitalist jew propaganda. Here, have a shiny copper coin
If you use Miles instead of that metric communist bullshit, its much shorter.
LA is 9000 km away. Traveling half around the world just to bang...
Fucking lazy or lazy about fucking?
I'd travel to LA just to fuck Morgan Lee, if I wasn't so fucking lazy
Wait are you telling me girls who will fuck on camera for $ will fuck off camera for $
Dont all the big time porn stars do outcall now? 2.5K u can bang Dillion Harper I think
So you are saying porn should be commercials for whores? I think that's fair.
Porn should be illegal unless used to advertise legal prostitution services.
You are a digital hoarder, I was once. Fresh is the best stop nostalgia jerking to the old
I'm running out of space again, and I bought two 8 TB hdd's less than 2 months ago. fuck
Would suck to screw that up and be stuck there with your bowels hanging out waiting to die