1. Example Category

    This is an example resource medal category. Manage categories and medals in Admin Control Panel.

    Test medal 2

  3. Admin and Amod Awards

    Awarded for Successful Admin or Amod stints

    Araysar's Admin Service Medal

    This medal is awarded to Araysar for successfully serving as Admin to the forums from Nov 2017 to June 2018.

    Mario's Former Admin Medal

    This Medal is to Honor Mario Speedwagon for the time he served as Admin. It sparkles, just like him!

    Amod Team Village People Medal

    Awarded for service as Amods for the term June to December 2018
  7. Medals voted on by users

    These medals can be awarded by being nominated by users and then voted on. They can also be awarded by the Medals Commission as they see fit.

    Forum White Knight Medal

    For White Knighting forum members.

    Maiden White Knight Medal

    For White Knighting a poor defenseless maiden on the internet. This medal, and nothing else, is your reward for this action.

    Confirmed Tits Medal

    For posting confirmed tits on FoH, whether they be of themselves or a GF/wife/conquest.

    Twitter Spam Medal

    For posting copious amounts of Twitter links on FoH.

    Pr0Noisseur Medal

    For posting a significant amount of high quality Pr0n on FoH.
  13. Dubious Honors

    Awarded to users for lulz or shaming purposes

    The Rusty Flush Medal

    This medal is a mark of shame reserved for Amods who were fired for abuse of power or failing to perform their duties.

    The Room Temperature IQ Medal

    Awarded to users who have demonstrated an IQ equivalent to average room temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

    Asshat 2018 Medal

    Awarded to Xequecal for being voted the FoH Asshat of the Year 2018. Congrats
  17. Medals Commission Tier 1

    Medals handed out by those users selected to be on the FoH Medals Commission and for the highest honors

    Death by 1000 Words Medal

    Awarded for using a lot of words to thoroughly wreck another poster's argument.
  19. Medals Commission Tier 2

    Medals awarded by the FoH Medals Commission designated as Tier 2 awards

    FoH Supersleuth Medal

    For excellence in internet detective activities.

    FoH Meme Maker Medal

    This medal is awarded to any forum member who makes an FoH specific meme, or actually becomes a meme themselves over time in some fashion.
  22. Medals Commission Tier 3

    Medals awarded by the FoH Medals Commission designated as Tier 3

    Ackbar Trap Medal

    For vigorous posting of traps on FoH