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    Miniature Painting

    Step 1: hire someone else to do it Step 2: someone is making a profit?
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    Valheim - Viking Survival Game (Early Access)

    Did you miss them rolling back the releases? I saw this like a week ago. But we all knew this was coming, right? Their previous schedule was too ambitious to be believable
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    Laptop Computers

    Unless they're talking about knob & tube, or maybe degraded and brittle cloth wiring, that's bullshit. You're more likely to have an insurance inspector give you shit for bad wiring, when you're trying to sell an old house, than an electrician. Unless the electrician is just hoping that you're...
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    The Metal Thread

    I had churches all wrong
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    Home Improvement

    Think how many dead bodies that thing could hold!
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    @Utnayan Time-stamped for yet another quality opinion RE: Basil Hayden's
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    Home Improvement

    Step 1: Sell it as a giant gun safe Step 2: Profit
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    The Video Thread

    HAHAHAHA I about fell out of my chair when she suddenly had teeth
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    Pan'Theon: Rise' of th'e Fal'Len - #1 Thread in MMO

    It really puts a new spin on the concept of releasing a 'miracle patch' to fix everything later
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    Home Improvement

    I've been watching the progression of the case that's now at SCOTUS, with HollyFrontier and RFA The entire thing is pants on head retarded. I don't understand the entire RIN market except in the broadest of terms, but all the exceptions handed out to refineries under Trump wreaking havoc in...
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    Smokers / Grills

    I'm half curious what might be discounted on Amazon for Amazon Day
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    Pan'Theon: Rise' of th'e Fal'Len - #1 Thread in MMO

    Hey man, if you can't have blind faith in Pantheon, then it's on you to pore through their scripture if you want to have any hope of avoiding eternal MMO damnation.