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    Parent Thread

    It depends on what was said really. You don't always want them to always walk away, at the very least they can report the abuse. I know, it's the wussy trying to do. Who cares. At least it puts it in schools court when it happens again. I remember the first time my son got in a "fight"...
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    MMA Thread

    It'd be fun to see a classic Diaz beatdown, something like the Penn fight. I'll watch it just on the off chance of that. What's actually going to happen? He'll get rocked early, like sat down maybe survive the round and get finished in round two. It's predicable. He doesn't care, free...
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    MMA Thread

    To be fair, the quality of his opponents was very high and he was competitive.
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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

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    1984 or Neuromancer? Where are we headed?

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    The Katie Katro Thread

    So that's Foler and that's why she talks to him?
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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

    A 6'8" 16yo. Marfan's syndrome. Of yeah she weighs 105lbs.
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    I suppose it's time to post our hopes for the storylines. I want Rip to get killed in the first two episodes and Beth to spend the rest of the season making everyone pay. That's it. I want to watch everything burn to the ground, except the ranch of course.
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    Who died? (Celebrity Deaths)

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    Only fans

    My search yielded no pineapples...fake news.
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    Who died? (Celebrity Deaths)

    My favorite Norm interview.
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    Apparently this project is getting flack for an image that was basically copied from a DNR website. A frog that looks like it is making an OK sign...therefore white supremacy. The person behind the greater project made some tasteless comments in the past and one after the so called dog...
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    I'm still using the Razer 2, the forward speakers are awesome and I couldn't care less about the size and weight. Hopefully I'll get 2 more years out of it because gaming phones are insanely priced atm. I'll take a Asus Rog5 even 2 years old please.
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    FoH swag?

    How about a foh sword cane with the logo as the handle.