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    Mass effect Remastered - Legendary Edition - 2021

    Yeah it's not as stark in your video at the 21:30 time stamp. Watching other youtube playthroughs and while some look decent, some look like this x360 trailer. I didn't think they did any graphics updates between individual release and trilogy, but who knows. Either way, be good to go...
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    Mass effect Remastered - Legendary Edition - 2021

    If all the character upgrades are this quality I'll be happy.
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    The forgotten movies

    Technically a two part mini series, but used to have the VHS set years ago and enjoyed it. Pursuit AKA Twist of Fate (1989)
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    Video Game Music (vgm) Thread

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    4 player co-op games

    Alien Swarm flew under the radar for most but can be a blast with the right group. Start on the lower difficulties, work your way up. Shit can get intense. They allow up to 8 players in the revamp but the game is made around 4. Real sense of accomplishment when you can make it through a...
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    Riot Games MMO

    Can you imagine the raid of Bandle City and stomping those yordles, basically re-enacting this video? Sign me up
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    The Mandalorian

    Feels good to enjoy Star Wars again. After TLJ threw my hopes in a meat grinder, I was second guessing everything as it happened. See the X-wing, thinking nah, it won't be him they won't do it. It's gonna be some new random person. See hooded figure on the security camera, well it's a Jedi...
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    The Mandalorian

    His name is Kevin The yelp after the jump cracks me up every time
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    Numbers relative to others, dominating Twitch.
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    You sound upset Cousin. Lets go bowling.
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    The Boys

    I made the mistake of watching "Inside The Boys" episodes. Apart from being contrived, fake and unfunny it becomes very obvious how much the creators are trying inject specific political points into the show. Here's something from 5 mins into the first episode. And this choice quote from the...
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    No Time to Die (007 Bond)

    First thought was they will only get a couple of films out of him due to his age, but it seems in line with other picks. 2020 Tom Hardy 43 2006 Daniel Craig 38 1995 Pierce Brosnan 42 1987 Timothy Dalton 41 1973 Roger Moore 45 1969 George Lazenby 30 1962 Sean Connery 32
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    Could be fun, could be trash. Her humour seems like it would fit in with the Marvel formula. 90's She-Hulk Fanart with Emmy Rossum
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    An important question!

    Joshua Tree
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    What tickles your pickle

    Walking into an EBGames and seeing multiple copies of Anthem priced at $5 More icing on the cake of just how bad Bioware dropped the ball.