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    The Expanse

    As long as Amos is part of the show, I am in. I did like Alex with the Texas ascent thing going on but he is no Amos. I think the show will be fine.
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    MTG thread

    This set is going to be bought up so fast that you will be lucky not to buy it off Ebay. I quit the card version of Magic 10 years ago and I want a set of this to frame and put up on the wall. It just looks wonderful.
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    Legends of Runeterra - Card game by Riot Games

    Now they just need a speed version. I would love if a player had 10 seconds to make a play.
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    2 years later... the almost sad state of MMOs in the new era

    Ashes of Creation will be the next MMO that gives it a run. It will not kill it, but it might put a good dent in it.
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    John Wick: Chapter 3 (2019)

    I like really good deals. Best Buys has all 3 movies 4k UHD for $7.99 Each right now. I think its worth the price.
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    I am fine with what they have shown. It is going to have bugs but those will eventually get patched out. The game is large and beautiful. I will most likely explore every inch of this world just to see what is there. That is the kind of game I enjoy. I never did play Witcher 3 all that much so...
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    Guild Wars 2

    What about crafting? It seems pretty easy. Is there anything that helps a lot to have going to save gold? Is there anything specific to crafting that is more powerful than if I was not a crafter?
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    Guild Wars 2

    I am enjoying the game. The mount limitation is a bit frustrating but I got the raptor up to long jump now. I still want springer and the mount that goes over water. I have yet to do any kind of train/raid/group content. There really is a lot of content to do now. I also started another...
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    Legends of Runeterra - Card game by Riot Games

    Surprised on a couple of those changes. I am loving the Lab at the moment. Having fun trying to create well made decks for each of the conditions. I have had some really good games that went for a descent amount of time and could have gone either way. I find that often times I enjoy the lab...
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    Guild Wars 2

    Ok, so it sounds like I just need to start with the PoF story line and get a mount before all other things. Thank you
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    Guild Wars 2

    I do not know what I have in this game. I had..9 Anniversary chests I could open. It has been a while. I see the UI has gotten some upgrades. My poor 80 Ranger is clueless right now. I almost feel like I need to start a new character just to relearn the game again.
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    World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

    This Zone had the best Ambient music in the game. I usually turned the music off when I played unless I was in this zone. All around, I think this zone was the best designed zone in WoW.
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    No Time to Die (007 Bond)

    If I were to choose an actor that I think could pull off the image of James Bond but still have some youth left in him I would have to go with I think that Edward George Skrein would make the perfect next Bond. He has plenty of experience with action films and is British. He is well known...
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    Guild Wars 2

    So I want to come back and try this game out again. It has been a few years since I last played. I still have my 80 Ranger and I started a Guardian. Any advice for players returning? I would like to find an East Coast Guild if possible. I play on Jade Quarry which is a full server apparently.
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    The Mandalorian

    That episode was stupid. I hate shows that show villains(Spiders) running at a much faster rate than the ones being chased and yet never catching up. He shot a few but all of the rest quickly replaced the area and then in the next clip...he is farther away again. How did the pilots in the...