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    Tom Clancy's Without Remorse (2021)

    Yeah, I just stopped watching it about half way through. Just really boring honestly.
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    The Netflix Thread

    Only 8. Darn. I really enjoyed the first set.
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    Best movie of the past 20 years?

    The first Lord of the rings trilogy is pretty much the correct answer. However there are plenty that are still damn good. Many of been mentioned so I will just throw "Inception" into the pile.
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    Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021)

    " I am happy to EAT Mrs Chang" HaHaHa Looks better than the first one, preview wise.
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    EQ TLP - Mischief (Free Trade / Random Loot)

    I am beginning to think it is the only guild forming.
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    Ashes of Creation

    I am also in the Alpha. Looking forward to this next weekend. Just need to figure out where download client is but I am sure I can find it this week.
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    EQ TLP - Mischief (Free Trade / Random Loot)

    Are we there yet?
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    Ashes of Creation

    The Alpha One purchase is up now along with the new skins and such.
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    EQ TLP - Mischief (Free Trade / Random Loot)

    Shamans can solo fine. Just realize you will have descent downtime medding. Aviak City was a good solo spot as was East Karana. Anyplace outside with ample running as DoT kiting is your method.
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    Just finished this. Wow at the Subway scene. This and Castlevania are just 2 really good shows. Looking forward to the next 2 seasons.
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    Ashes of Creation

    The NDA goes away when Alpha 1 starts so you do not have to play/test the game to see how it is coming along. I am positive there will be many streams to look at, so one does not have to worry about spending $500.00 to see the game. I am still mulling it over whether or not I want to upgrade...
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    The Netflix Thread

    Dark was lightning in a bottle. I am weary of that happening twice. I will watch Jupiter's legacy. It looks pretty at the very least. Also a new "Love Death and Robots" is coming out in May as well. The first one was very well done.
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    Ashes of Creation

    It was discussed. They "could" add in the ability to drop items on the ground. The problem is that it leads to things that they do not want to have to deal with. He even sites an example of something he did with it causing players to get booted from Lineage 2 during a siege. It has nothing to do...
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    Marvel Universe stuff

    On to the next stage.