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    All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989)

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    #Gamergate and all things SJW

    Right I get that.. but nothing will change that feeling of being mis-pronouned. No legislation, no amount of lobbying or victim card whinging will ever alter that aspect of being trans. If you look like a dude, Ima call you a dude. If I'm wrong, I'll correct it. However what does cancel...
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    #Gamergate and all things SJW

    Yea I'll be honest aside from sex segregated things like bathrooms, the decrying nature of trans people wanting to be accepted is self defeating because largely (I feel) if you dont make a big fucking deal about your gender, 99% of the world population doesnt give a fuck. It's like that old...
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    Star Trek: Picard

    There was so much wrong with this show. I see where it could have headed, and they could have not castrated Picards character to do it. The female admiral chastising Picard was way, way out of line and forced so badly it hurt to watch. How can you belittle a guy who has saved civilizations...
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    The 100

    This turned into a shitfest pretty quickly with some of the most inconsistent characters and stories I've ever seen. I stopped watching after s5? When the nuke went off and only Clarke seemingly survived on the ground. Dont think I've missed much. They ran out of actual story around s3 and just...
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    Epic Seven

    Max level Yellows should be taken to 5* with 4x blue phantasmas. Max level Blue phantasmas can be taken to 4* (to be used as yellow phan fodder) by having them eat themselves or unwanted 3*s. Purple phantasmas are treated like max level yellows.
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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

    You are arguing semantics. Unless you are a science denying flat earth believing anti vaxxer conspiracy nut, you can easily deduce that when someone brings up the theory of evolution, they are talking about the scientific theory of evolution. Or you know, maybe you like arguing with people.
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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

    Evolution is a theory. Not sure why you think that makes them sound stupid.
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    Mirror Mirror on the wall who's the Thottest of them all.

    I know I know, no pics in this post, but can you Boner wielding closet gays take your shit elsewhere so we can continue googling at thots? Thanka.
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    Future Man

    This was great and a good wrap for the series. Honestly slightly surprised that they managed to keep so many running gags funny and still had a decent plot that carried through. 3 seasons is the perfect amount, but I could watch the
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    The D&D thread

    Is there any decent map/combat tracker that doesnt require monies? I'd love to finish my campaign but it's hard to find good free digital mediums to keep things immersive.
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    Epic Seven

    Finally said F it and stripped all my best gear off my units and did Abyss 100 with Tam, Iseris, SSB, and Challenger Dominiel. Was a pita, but worth it. Got a Dark Corvus and dupe SS Achates for my trouble. Now I can sit back and drink martinis until they release more.
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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

    I read the studies, they are all on backwater 3rd world local populous and the vaccines dont kill them, they just unnecessarily strain the immune system of already malnourished and unhealthy kids, so they die of <insert other malaise>. In non shit countries the vaccines are fine because you...
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    Epic Seven

    It isnt horrible... it is a month long event with stage unlocks for Sol. Dunno what we who have already done it will get... but Sol is amazing for f2p. Dizzy is a chase to pull for. Baiken is cool but not necessary. Wont add a playable Ino though :(
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    Epic Seven

    GG collab coming back with Elphelt a new 5* fire ranger. Cant wait.