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    I think you and I were the only ones who ever played it. It WAS an awesome game for sure.
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    Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

    Sweet. Got to see the Twin Paradises.
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    What vehicle do you drive?

    I loved my Fiesta ST. I traded it for a Mustang GT, and sure I have a shit ton more hp and torque but isn't near as fun to drive. I really wish Ford didn't axe all their cars here in the U.S.
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    I ended up going with the Moto G7+ as someone recommended above. 130 bucks and does everything I could possibly want. Great phone so far. Of course, I'm coming from a 2014 Lumia 635 Windows Phone so anything would be amazing I suppose.
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    Guild Wars 2

    I think existing players were excited that it might bring more people to the game. Although, honestly, the game doesn't feel empty or anything. There are always plenty of people to run events even for the oldest content.
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    Guild Wars 2

    Majority of the core professions are boring as shit. The expansion elite professions vastly improve gameplay. I think GW2 is probably the best playing MMO on the market right now. People need to get over the mentality of focusing on loot with +stats. That crap is old and tired.
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    Resident Alien

    Holy shit Linda Hamilton looks super old.
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    Justice League (2017)

    I broke it up across 3 days. I think it would be too exhausting to sit through 4 hours of this straight. And, as a result, I really enjoyed this version. I actually liked Cyborg and the Flash in this. And the flashback scene showing the original battle for Earth was freakin' awesome. They...
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    My el-cheapo Windows Phone (!) is starting to fail. Can anyone recommend a ~$200'ish Android phone that supports AT&T networks? Currently I'm on an AT&T pre-paid plan and plan on sticking with that. I don't really use the phone much outside of texting a couple friends and the rare voice call.
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    Whats rustling your jimmies?

    Also, to pair up with my, "Where is the hell is my Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper" rant is... What the FUCK is going on with cat food? Every where I go the shelves are bare.
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    Whats rustling your jimmies?

    And I can't stand having a mouth coated in sugar.
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    Whats rustling your jimmies?

    Another argument is that diet colas cause you to crave sugar since, even though they taste sweet, they contain none. Therefore you'll scarf down Snickers bars to make up for it. I say have some god damn self control.
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    Superman & Lois

    Show is still very good. And we got a super clap!
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    Nintendo Switch (previously NX)

    What's the frame rate on most Switch games? Having gotten used to my PC's 165hz monitor, trying to play anything significantly less than 60 is unbearable.
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    Whats rustling your jimmies?

    I said diet.