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    I don't. 10-1 ratio out the window.
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    World of Warcraft: Classic

    I've done STV twice, weekend before last on shaman, and last weekend on huntard... both time solo during prime time Friday night and Saturday. I got ganked twice on shaman, maybe 15 times on hunter. Most of the hunter ganks were by people camping the Nesingway camp. Big deal, graveyard is 50...
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    World of Warcraft: Classic

    Nah, there was a bunch of quests in Azshara, but not as many as most zones. Bigger problem was they were spread out and that zone is AIDS for travelling around within.
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    Must See Concerts Before You (or they) Die

    It's 700 miles in every direction for me. Since I've been to Las Vegas and Seattle/Tacoma dozens of times, I'm making the drive to Calgary and going to make a mini vacation out of it. Maiden/Banff/Glacier National Park. Pretty psyched about the set list.
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    Everquest - 20th Anniversary TLP

    SOE used to have 3X station cash promotions once or twice a year. If you combined that with the Walmart promotion where you would get 2000 points for a $15 dollar game card, times three you would get 6000 points for $15. So people would wait for that promo and subscribe for an entire year...
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    NHL 2017-2018 Season: Penguins already sucking dick

    NHL "draft"..... NSFW No NSFW content outside of screenshots please - Amod
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    Everquest - Coirnav Progression Server

    Not surprising. 90% of the enchanters in Agnarr are worthless. Corinav will be no different, because enchanters are the most OP class of the holy trinity so many will be made for ease of finding groups.
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    Everquest - Agnarr Server: Sunset Mode

    Ambulan's app on the Faceless page set off my bullshit detector. There's no fucking way you could have played EQ from 99 to 04 and not remember the name of the guild(s) you were in.
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    Everquest - Agnarr Server: Sunset Mode

    Shoguun. He came up to my group in ME and starting spamming "WHERE IS FE?" in say. I told him to fuck off, and next thing I know is half the zone is incoming. Can't say I wasn't annoyed about having to deal with that shit after six hours of shitty luck.
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    Everquest - Agnarr Server: Sunset Mode

    A plain DPS number for one character is meaningless for comparison purposes between raids/guilds as it is totally dependent on the other members of your raid. The faster the kill, the higher your individual dps will be. In a five minute kill with two 30 second discs (as examples) your...
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    Office / gaming chairs

    I bought a Nightingale CXO Chair, then my wife sat on it and I had to go back and buy a second. Both are five years old, and look and function as well as the day they were purchased. I just hope that if I ever need to buy another one, say in 20 years... that they will still be available.
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    Everquest - Agnarr Server: Sunset Mode

    I had no idea AJ was still a clusterfuck. I killed him last Wednesday evening for an alt, had to run halfway across the zone to engage and I didn't even see another player.
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    Everquest - Agnarr Server: Sunset Mode

    Whoa whoa whoa, how dare you pick enchanters. Haven't you been following the thread, they are so overworked. Don't you know they have a charmed pet? That makes them so overwhelmed they can't do anything else, like buff, debuff, tash, cripple or slow. You should feel fortunate they even...
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    Everquest - Agnarr Server: Sunset Mode

    No, I do not. There is nothing challenging about tashing mobs, and keeping basic buffs up without having to ask every single time they drop. 90% of the enchanters on the server fail to do this. This occurs even when the enchanter doesn't have a charmed pet because said enchanter says...
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    Everquest - Agnarr Server: Sunset Mode

    I would guess no. Next to Enchanters, Rangers are the second most incompetent class as a whole on Agnarr.