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  • Lrn2Frat Rock you Twonk.! It's BIZKIT. Jeezus Christ!
    Maroon 5 is the new U2.
    pfft salt is the new negs. khorum khorum can make you a starter kit is you are gonna go for it.
    Errf likes are for fags. Worfs or Bust.
    Best job name is El Hefe, because you know you arent even paying min wage.
    Pfft for job names nothing tops TheRapist.
    I love me some Olympics tho, that shit gets me pumped.
    Meh I stopped paying attention to it in the 90s. I Super Bowl but thats about it.
    Maroon 5 was a horrible choice for half time
    All piss related questions should be directed to Suineg if you want accurate answers.
    you should only do drugs when your friends pressure you to.
    If you are over 27 and still doing hard drugs you are a loser and always will be.
    Wizardhawks pics lead me to believe he isnt a pussy who smokes it, he is IV all the way.
    Hardcore meth folks call the pipe a lightbulb, so 'lamp' thing works.
    I feel yur pain brah its fucking cold here too, been down into the 50s at night.
    Hmm autist + stalker. Stalktism?
    I think you meant (*)
    Also never buy a Beagle, you have to routinely express their anal glands. not kidding.
    Thats a pretty harsh description of Beagling. The defeatist thing not the monkeying.
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