Trophies awarded to Zapatta

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    Zapatta's Custom Trophy Trophy

    Similar to how complaining about negs got you negs, complaining about trophies gets you trophies! This trophy is for all Zapatta's who have given their lives in the form of their time to the dedicated pursuit of the highest ideals of shitposting.

Posting Trophies

  1. 25

    20,000 Posts! (25 points)

    20,000 posts, that's a big milestone!
  2. 18,000 Posts! (25 points)

    18,000 posts, magnificent!
  3. 23

    Super Saiyan (23 points)

    It's over 9000! (times someone made a reference to this)

Reaction Score Trophies

  1. 30

    I LOVE IT! (30 points)

    Content you have posted has attracted 500 likes.

Anniversary Trophies

  1. 10

    2 year Anniversary! (10 points)

    You have survived 2 years at FoH!