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  • when I make coleslaw I try to clone the KFC stuff, minus the 4 cups of water they use to stretch it.
    anyone who eats at KFC must not have a Popeyes in their state. I have a couple good Mom n Pops in my area that beat both
    too bad being wrong on the internet doesn't pay better, he could buy out all of Trump's holdings.
    Starbucks coffee is garbage. Drink vietnamese cà phê đá, it will get you high as fuck on caffeine and only cost you $3.
    I just did a walkthru for a job at a sewage treatment plant. I have re-named the facility 'Poozbekistan'.
    Not doing anything forever than whacking the BHO is a bad plan.
    He is a huge jew douche but I would drill all the way to the very bottom of his wife and daughter.
    Meh he's more likely to die fucking his trophy wife than the stress of the job.
    Without coke and trannies what does he have to live for?
    Pretty sure Burt Reynolds would go before Ryan. Franco probably had George Micheal's AIDS tho.
    Those guys ate LSD and went in drag to the Oscars. I don't think they stress very hard at much.
    Playing deadpool? Do board people you think will go soon. Diet & lifestyle alone = Wizardhawk, but the post-nuke roach model = wildcard.
    my bad its Hulk Thor teamup
    Aint Hulk vs. Thor up next?
    I didn't need Kiroy to wave me off, but the info is appreciated, you never know how low you may have to stoop during tough times.
    I have a neighbor who never takes down his lights. And never plugs them in. It takes away from time drinking Costco brand light beer.
    Yup you can put Jesus back in the closet for another 11 months
    George Micheal was no Freddy Mercury. People are making him out to be some prolific figure in music.
    dirt poor kids in my neighborhood got new clothes for xmas. sucks to be them.
    I miss that show!
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