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I mean... That's like the third time for a similar situation (person quoting or replying stayed while mine was moved), not to mention others that didn't involve quotes. Am I going to have to petition repeatedly in the future or is that beta pussy @Lanx going to stop abusing his microscopic power?

You'd think if I was actually doing something bad in that thread that so many posts had to be legitimately moved I'd be infracted but that cuck knows his impotence can only go so far. I realize that may be the only way he gets off, but helping his pent up frustrations isn't really my job either.

And if you @Blazin think my rudeness is a strike against me, he's thrown plenty of vitriole my way (which is fine).

So, I bought this new house. And the seller told me the water was turned off at the meter and that I'd need to turn it on. So I go and the first water thing I find I turn it (at the road, the thing in the ground where you turn it and water shuts off for the whole house.) About 20 minutes later this old man in overalls comes up my patio looking pissed and asking why I turned off his water. lol. I turned the wrong water meter. His name was Dick T(something). All I heard was Dick Trickle, so I called him that to my gf all day and she thought that was his real name. Thanks for invading my life.


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