Ancient Civs, the Paranormal, UFO's, and Mysteries of the Unknown


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It's gotten bigger since then!

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We have a pretty good idea of what you would need to travel faster than light, I don't think it's beyond reason a civilization more advanced than us could master it. If you go faster than FTL you can arrive before you left. If they have anti grav tech, it would imply they are already capable of FTL, as manipulating gravity is effectively the same as manipulating time.

I recommend people read Jacques Valles work, he dives into the history of ufo like encounters and the patterns go back as far as recorded history.

Supposedly consciousness plays an important role in UFO activity, the more we talk about it, the more it happens. The 50s was alight with saucer talk and the whitehouse got buzzed at its peak, and we're talking about it more and more now and we're seeing a similar uptick in activity. The CIA tricked everyone into believing it wasn't happening, now the cats out of the bag so it it'll be interesting to see what happens. Provided we don't blow ourselves up.

Re: Consciousness, that kind of ties into the idea that we're in a simulation. In that idea, UFOs aren't bound by our laws of physics/gravity because they aren't part of the simulation. And if us talking about them wills them into appearing more, that also ties into simulation theory.

As far as FTL travel goes...I don't think anything is impossible. In the 1800's the scientists of the era believed it'd be thousands of years before humans were able to develop flight technology, if it were even possible at all.


Paperhands McGee
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59d 9h 50m
He does. The way he structures his videos is he covers all the urban legend details then in the latter half he presents the debunking info. There are still many details that are puzzling about this one, though.

Also, you're missing out. He is NOT some crackpot conspiracy theorist.

Yeah, this guy is great at either debunking or digging deeper, whichever the situation is more worthy of. Probably my favorite YT channel now. He doesn't just outright dismiss ideas, which some people will look at as some kind of endorsement of those ideas. But really, we shouldn't outright dismiss ideas because when it comes down to it, we know very little.


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29d 1h 50m
I haven't watched that, and won't, but please tell me that it mentions somewhere in the video that it is a tarp/fabric/sail from a previous craft. Because that's exactly what it is. It hasn't been there for 13000 years, and if that video is claiming such, they are either purposely leaving it out or they did absolutely zero real research.

Also, that series of videos above that ToeMissile linked...Liv Boeree looks pretty fucking hot. Is that video just some general thoughts type stuff, or does it go full on Lazar nuts? Because on the one hand I'm interested to hear what rational people think, and on the other if she believes half the stuff people here do, it is likely that butt stuff is on the menu!
She is not unpleasant to look at, or listen to. She doesn't come across as a 'crazy', but also not 100% vanilla.
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133d 22h 6m
I was really liking those WF videos until that fish starts talking, wtf was he thinking with that?


Paperhands McGee
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59d 9h 50m
Initially I was annoyed but quickly became enamored. It's pretty funny, actually.

Yeah, I love the fish. I think most people are annoyed by him for the first episode or so which is probably why he's called Hecklefish, he's basically a heckler. I like how he has an obsession with "lizzid peeple"

Unfortunately/fortunately this Titor story is most definitely a hoax, but an interesting hoax.

In this one AJ admits to having lots of food stored and "lots and lots of ammo". I like this guy. I think the last couple years a lot more people realized the actual volatility and instability of the modern world.
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Potato del Grande
103d 1h 20m
This one is fascinating. I've never even heard of the Black Knight satellite.

This is the 3rd time we've been through this, it's a discarded space blanket from a space walk, I think it was even the day before the photo was taken.

There's footage of the space blanket being lost and it's the same shape.
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114d 18h 45m
I may have posted this one before:

But there's a second vid up on a 20th century alchemist that is also really good. Very recommended:

The second gets into the nuclear war in earth's distant past a tiny bit and I think he is going to do a future video on it. Should be interesting.
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