Azur Lane


Trakanon Raider
28d 4h 24m
This one has been out for a while, just wondering if anyone else plays it? I started a couple months ago and I've been hooked, awesome devs and tons to do. For me the draws are:
Tons of cute girls (ships) to collect - the art is top tier and definitely the lewdest I've seen in a big mobile game
Very little RNG
Gacha plays a lesser role (many ships are farmable/earnable, the best research ships you grind for)
A ton of diversity between ships (skills, barrages, stats, unique effects) and gear
Pvp is simple but also a nice source of XP
P2w is heavily limited and kinda pointless outside of personal goals
The few dailies are easy and rewarding

I'm surprised there aren't more people playing this tbh, though I know its big in Asia. If you've tried Arknights or Girls Frontline, this is similar but so much better imo.