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Title: Breaking Bad

Genre: Drama

First aired: 2008-01-19

Creator: Vince Gilligan

Cast: Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, RJ Mitte, Jonathan Banks, Bob Odenkirk

Overview: When Walter White, a New Mexico chemistry teacher, is diagnosed with Stage III cancer and given a prognosis of only two years left to live, he becomes filled with a sense of fearlessness and an unrelenting desire to secure his family's financial future at any cost as he enters the dangerous world of drugs and crime.


Bronze Knight of the Realm
2d 21h 52m
Let's do this for real, post your predictions for the last episode in this format and I'll put them all in the OP. Closest prediction gets a custom colored title with whatever they want. My recommendation would be a blue heizenberg. If I'm missing any characters post them.

Walt Jr:


Tuco's Prediction:
Walt uses the m60 and a bunch of chemistry magic to kill the nazi's and take back all his money. He finds Jesse coincidentally and saves him. He then takes the ricin, turns himself in and gives the DEA a barrel of money to take the heat off his family. He then gives the money to Skylar who uses some financial-fu to use it.

Walt: Dead in jail
Jesse: Alaska.
Skylar: Lives richly.
Walt Jr: Not sure if he'll forgive his father or not.

Marie: Nothing.
Todd: Killed by Jesse
Lydia: Killed by Todd.
Jack: Killed by Walt.
Gretchen: Nothing.
Elliot: Nothing.
Suineg's Prediction:
Walt uses the M60 as a distraction or a plant to get revenge on the Nazis and take back all his money. This is because of what they did to Hank and for stealing from him. He might even say "this is for Hank". He finds Jesse coincidentally and saves him because of mutual help. There is no trust from this just mutual hatred for the Nazis. He takes the ricin before starting this 'spree' so that no matter what he isn't taken alive. I think the first person he starts with is Lydia in order to get the location of the warehouse. Saul is completely out of the picture.

Walt: Dead by Ricin
Jesse: Lives and takes care of Brock
Skylar: Lives with money from Walt
Walt Jr: Won't forgive his father, stays with Skylar

Marie: Nothing.
Todd: Killed by Jesse.
Lydia: Killed by Walt.
Jack: Killed by Walt.
Gretchen: Nothing.
Elliot: Nothing.
Thorpe's Prediction:
Walt: Dies from ricin at the spot where he first cooked with Jessie.
Jesse: Saves Walt by killing Todd. Escapes with some of Walt's stolen money and goes into hiding with Brock (or leaves some of the money with Brock and goes into hiding alone).
Skylar: Get's off without any blame. Uses some of Walt's money to re-open the car wash.
Walt Jr: Comes to terms with what his father did, helps his mother run the car wash.

Marie: Get's closer on Hank, nothing more shown.
Todd: Dies a horrible death.
Lydia: Gets killed by the European outfit (whatever the hell it is) when the Nazi operation is shut down.
Jack: Killed by Walt.
Gretchen: Nothing of note.
Elliot: Nothing of note.
spronk's prediction:
Walt: dead by ricin
Jesse: alive
Skylar: dead
Holly: alive
Walt Jr: alive and eating breakfast
Marie: alive
Todd: killed by Walt
Lydia: killed by Uncle Jack
Jack: killed by Walt
Gretchen: nothing
Elliot: doesn't appear
Lanx's Prediction
walt: dead by ricin, shawshank redemption like ending
jesse: has todd dead to rights, cannot kill again becomes emo, tod shoots brock for the lulz, now jesse can kill todd
skylar: is convicted of money laundering, the guy bill burr and the euridite beat up will testify against her
walt jr: fry cook at denny's where he meets the (un)dead walter white when a customer requests bacon and eggs with the bacon broken up to form "53" since walt lost an arm

marie: who cares
todd: killed by jessie
lydia: a loose end, the thing lydia hates will come back to kill her, it will be chow's secretary (shes the one that drove chow after mike shot him in the hand)
jack: happily spends his millions, uncharacteristically sun bathing in cancun, when punk kids see his tattoo's and set him on fire
gretchen: shot by the "hitmen" walt tried to find, in the head... the lone hitman happens to be david swimmer
elliot: nothing, gretchen is functionally alive even after loosing half her brain, he has to now take care of her.
Tarrant's Prediction:
Walt: Turns himself in so Skylar won't go to prison, takes ricin.
Jesse: Kills himself.
Skylar: See's little prison time if any at all, moves in with Marie eventually
Walt Jr/Holly: Move in with Marie, Walt Jr will still probably stay with his friend.

Nazis: Killed by Walt and Jesse
Todd: Killed by Jesse
Lydia: Lives
Royal's Prediction:
Walt: Kills Lydia, poisons the Aryans with ricin. Turns himself in to keep Skylar out of prison. Let's DEA know where Hank and Steve's bodies are. Dies in jail before being tried.

Jesse: Is completely defeated with the death of Andrea and would rather die than go on helping the Aryans (who he knows will ultimately kill him anyway). He's experienced enough to know how to make the meth lab go /boom, killing both himself and Todd.

Skylar: Avoids jail. Never sees any of the millions that Walt made but receives some help once offered to Walt (see below).

Walt Jr: stays angry at Walt

Marie: plans funeral for Hank

Todd: killed by Jesse

Lydia: killed by Walt

Jack: poisoned by Walt

Gretchen and Elliot: Walt leaves word with Max Cherry to make an anonymous donation to their foundation with the money he left in the cabin (minus a nice cut for Max). Walt then contacts Gretchen and asks that they give the financial assistance they had offered him when he was diagnosed with cancer to his family after he is gone. Skylar goes to work for them at their new foundation.
Trollface's Prediction:
Walt: Gets arrested
Jesse: Lives somewhere with the kid
Skylar: Lives like shit
Walt Jr: Dies from medical complication

Marie: becomes a whore
Todd: Killed by Jesse
Lydia: Disappears
Jack: Nothing
Gretchen: Nothing
Elliot: Nothing
Dashel's Prediction:
Walt uses his infamy to his advantage. He makes another video detailing his confession, plans to kill the Nazis as revenge for Hanks death and, by the way, contributions to Grey Matter. He uses the Ricin in conjunction with the M60 somehow. Coating the bullets or somehow weaponizing the Ricin. An indirect outcome of his plan is Jesse being freed. Walt learns of Andreas death by Jesse who is somehow standing over him ready to kill him. Walt reveals it doesnt matter because he is going to die anyway from a wound/cancer/whatever. Jesse watches Walt die and hears police sirens.

Walt: Dead.
Jesse: Arrested
Skylar: Suicide
Walt Jr: Lives with Aunt and helps raise Holly

Marie: Helps raise Flynn and Holly
Todd: Dead by Jesse's hands
Lydia: Escapes
Jack: Dead by Heisenberg's hands
Gretchen: Possibly a quick reaction shot but probably nothing
Elliot: Same as Gretchen
Vycarious' Prediction:
Walt: Ricin then turns himself into the DEA.
Jesse: Blows himself up in the lab with Todd
Skylar: Keeps the kids, does not stay with Marie.
Walt Jr: Stays with his mom.

Marie: Emotional breakdown.
Todd: Killed by Jesse blowing up the lab during a cook.
Lydia: Killed by Walt, not sure how though.
Jack: Killed by Walt.
Gretchen: Nothing.
Elliot: Nothing.
Chuk's Prediction:
Walt-dead by ricin after turning himself in to the feds with the location of hank and gomey's corpses

Skylar- will have a better lawyer(s) a better job maybe get the car wash back due to Max Cherry sending her cash from walt's barrel

jesse- dies at nazi compound

Lydia- first one to die because she was on the way to ABQ. walt has no idea how todd feels about her, but it will hit todd like a ton of bricks because his hero killed the woman he loved

Todd- killed by jesse or walt. its cliche to say jesse will kill him because this show is all about the anti-cliche way of doing things

Jack- will die quite quickly, in fact will probably be the first to die when walt reaches the compound.

Marie- lives off husband's life insurance policy. maybe makes friends with skyler again, maybe takes her family in.

walt jr- keeps enjoying his breakfast

Gretchen and Elliot- come out of this relatively unscathed, though maybe walt while confessing to the DEA has a curveball he throws at them by declaring some illegal business practices gray matter were committing while he was working there.
Iannis' Prediction:
Walt: Dead before he gets to jail
Jesse: rescued in a DEA raid, ends in jail
Skylar: lives, not in jail, keeps her job as the taxi dispatcher, doesn't get the money
Walt Jr: eats some corn flakes

Marie: I doubt we even see her again, if so it will be briefly at the end -- lives.
Todd: dead in a DEA raid
Lydia: lives, (turns state witness).
Jack: dead in a DEA raid
Gretchen + Elliot: poisoned. Walt is specifically coming back for these two.

I think Walt has resigned himself. He's given up on his family, he knows he can't fight the entire federal apparatus. He knows his time is short. I think instead he'll use that apparatus to kill the Nazis, Lydia, and Jesse (since blue meth is back, Walt would guess that Jesse is alive). I think all he's going to use that gun for is to confront Gretchen and Elliot at their home, poison them, and then go die in a ditch somewhere.
Stave's Prediction:
Prediction: Kids and Marie are the only ones really innocent in all of this, thus I see them not dieing. Basically almost anyone who has had a hand in all of this is gonna die, with Walt going out at the end. He's gonna burn this mofo to the ground. Jesse wants to die, so he will get the opposite, he will live. Walt's actions from day 1, will be the undoing of his entire family. Walt will find and free Jesse. Jesse is the only family Walt has left. Jesse may become new Mike and send money to Brock. Walt isn't going to open up on Nazis with the big gun, that's too cliche. He will use his smarts to get in and kill Jack, etc. Uses rycin in a wine bottle or some gift and sends it to Gretchen and Elliot. Todd gets killed by Lydia as he gets too frisky/creepy for her or something. He gets some confused look on his face as he dies. The vacuum guy will follow through and send money to Holly/Walt Jr as they grow up or something.

Walt: Eats rycin turns himself in helps them find hanks body and dies
Jesse: Escapes and leaves, sending money randomly to Brock
Skylar: Gets killed by someone with the Nazi clan
Walt Jr: Lives with his friend

Marie: Takes care of Holly
Todd: Killed by Lydia
Lydia: Busted at the end
Jack: Killed by Walt
Gretchen: Poisoned by Walt
Elliot: Poisoned by Walt
Rasstapp's Prediction:
Walt: Eventually takes the ricin, and dies in the desert, marking the graves of Hank and Gomie
Jesse: Gets the M-60 from Walt, goes apeshit on the nazis, before he finally gets clean and takes care of Brock (somehow)
Skylar: Killed or at least attacked and left crippled by Marie who found out about the money-laundering (and is by proxy partly responsible for Hank's death)
Walt Jr: Ending scene is him eating breakfast with his babysister, in Hank's old house

Marie: Killed by Jr. after she attacked Skyler
Todd: Killed by Jesse(?) at the compund, somehow compromises the methcooking because of his feelings for Lydia
Lydia: Killed by Jack (see "Todd")
Jack: Killed by Todd, after killing Lydia
Gretchen/Elliot: Gets an intense Heisenberg- verbal shakedown, donates money to Jr./Holly.
Scratch's Prediction
Jessie blows up todd and himself. Which leads directly to Lydia's murder by her overseas people. Walt manages to ricin the Gretchen and Elliot. Then he assaults the Nazi compound, killing all of them yet he survives to turn himself in. In prison he is killed by a vengeful Marie, possibly by poison.

Walt: kills grey matter ppl/nazis . murdered by marie, possibly in jail after turning himself in
Jesse: suicides to kill todd
Skylar: lives sadly ever after, poor
Walt Jr: sees redemption in dad after walt pwns nazis, quits being Flynn goes back to Walt Jr

Marie: Kills walt, and perhaps self.
Todd: Killed by jessie in lab explosion possibly along with other nazi's
Lydia: killed by overseas people promising lots of 90%+ product and failing to deliver
Jack: M60'd by Walt
Gretchen: Ricin'd by Walt
Elliot: Ricin'd by Walt
BurnemWizfyre's Prediction:
Walt: Kills Jack, discovers Jesse, Jesse pleads with Walt to free him and Walt is convinced by Jesse telling him that Todd executed Andrea, Walt realizing that Jesse in his current state of mind is beneficial to his plans. Walt kills Gretchen and Elliot with Ricin. Walt dies of cancer in prison.
Jesse: Upon his release by Walt, agrees to kill Todd and Lydia. Kills Todd and Lydia, scoops up brock, leaves country.
Skylar: The new CEO of Gray Matter
Walt Jr: Show ends with Walt jr/Holly/Skylar eating breakfast in the cafeteria of Gray Matter.

Marie: Pleads with walt for the location of Hanks body, commits suicide so they can be buried together.
Todd: Killed by Jesse
Lydia: Killed by Jesse
Jack: Killed by Walt, in a very up close and intimate manner.
Gretchen: Killed by Walt (or at least Walt's ricin)
Elliot: Killed by Walt (or at least Walt's ricin)
Lenas' Prediction:
Walt: Uses the M60 as part of a setup. He's got a plan that will lead the DEA to the Nazis. He will confront Gretchen and Elliot, blackmailing them into financing his family. Whatever else happens, he will die alone and with nothing.
Jesse: Will be the one to kill Todd, but wont make it out alive from their confrontation.
Skylar, Marie and Walt Jr: Will make it out relatively unscathed. Broken from the past two years but alive.

Todd: Killed by Jesse
Lydia: Killed by ricin, so many references to her Stevia
Jack: Killed by DEA
Gretchen & Elliot: Safe and financing the White family.
Adam12's predictions:
Walt: Death by ricin after turning himself in.
Jesse: Kills Todd, escapes.
Skylar: Killed by nazi's under Lydia's order.
Walt Jr: Helps Marie raise the baby.

Marie: Adopts the baby.
Todd: Stabbed to death by Jesse.
Lydia: Killed by Walt.
Jack: Killed by Walt.
Gretchen: Nothing.
Elliot: Nothing.
Foddon's Prediction:
Walt leads police/DEA to Nazi compound and then starts a shootout with them knowing the Nazis will go out guns blazing and be killed. The police/DEA assume the Nazis were working with and harboring Walt. Walt takes the ricin before starting the gun fight then finds and possibly frees Jesse as he's dying.

Walt: Killed by ricin
Jesse: Lives - possibly avoids jail by cooperating - Walt tells him where his money is and he takes care of the kid
Skylar: Lives
Walt Jr: Lives

Marie: Lives
Todd: Killed by police
Lydia: Thrown in jail
Jack: Killed by police
Gretchen: Lives - blackmailed by Walt to help his family after he's dead. Walt does this so his family doesn't have to be tied to drug money at all.
Elliot: see Gretchen
Phaint's Prediction:
Walt: He dies for sure. If he ricins himself, then he'll do so knowing that he is going to get arrested and die in jail. Perhaps he attempts to visit his family one last time knowing he'll be arrested, dunno.
Jesse: Gets freed, lives, forgives Walt - Brock is with his grandmother so I doubt Jesse will be involved in his life anymore, hell his involvement in his life already cost Brock a mother and an uncle. He blew his chance with Ed and plus Saul is the one that had the number so you know he isn't getting a new identity that way but still he might end up in Alaska somehow.
Skylar: Lives
Walt Jr: Lives

Marie: Lives
Todd: Killed by Jesse
Lydia: I think she'll live unless Todd goes full rapist in the last episode and she shuts him down thus hurting his pride so he kills her but we've never really seen Todd angry.
Jack: Heisenberg will definitely kill him.
Gretchen and Elliot: Lives - Not sure how Walt can blackmail them into taking care of his family since after he dies

I agree with others saying that Walt is pretty emaciated to carry that machine gun but maybe they choose to go with adrenaline being a factor into how he can pull it off. He could call the DEA and tip them off saying he'll be at the neonazi compound so they can keep the rest of them busy while he takes care of Jack but dunno seems far fetched. I would like chemistry to play a role in how he defeats Jack and his men, in the lines of fulminated mercury, thermite, etc but he has no lab access and no ingredients to make anything unless he does it at Gretchen and Elliot's house since I assume he'd have a bunch of chemistry ingredients.
Xarpolis' Prediction:
Prediction: The series ends.
Walt: Walt is going to end up living. We've spent every season thus far leading up to his death, so I think the big monkey wrench will be that he lives just to see how much destruction he's brought on his family.
Jesse: Jesse will end up dead. I'm thinking that Walt will do it himself, but not 100% sure on that one. Everyone thinks the Ricin is for Walt to commit suicide with, but maybe he somehow uses it on Jesse.
Skylar: As much as we hope she'll die, she's going to stay alive. If nothing else, just to raise the kids. She "might" get linked to Laundering Walt's money in some way, and maybe end up in jail herself. Another thing we wouldn't expect.
Walt Jr: He's a moody teen and I honestly don't care what happens to him. He won't forgive his father, because ultimately he is a bad guy.

Marie: She's going to end up with nothing. Maybe with Hank being dead, she'll get his pension, and get hooked on the blue meth just to cope with his death.
Todd: I think that Todd will end up being killed by Jesse in some way, but I hope he survives. He's a creep, but I like him for it.
Lydia: Lydia is going to go after Skylar again. Todd is going to refuse, so she'll reach out to someone else. Somehow Walt will hear about this and take her out.
Jack: He'll die. I think that he's going to force Todd to do something (maybe Jack will be involved with Lydia trying to kill Skylar), and he'll end up getting killed for it. Hopefully by Todd himself.
Gretchen: I think the episode is going to end at Elliot & Gretchen's house. Walt goes there to confront them and get some form of redemption in the process. Maybe he tells them the only reason he turned to this route is because he left the company and feels he had wasted his life in the process.
Elliot: See above.
Arbitrary's Prediction:
Walt: Dead
Jesse: Dead
Skylar: Dead
Walt Jr: Dead

Marie: Dead
Todd: Dead
Lydia: Dead
Jack: Dead
Gretchen: Dead
Elliot: Dead

It's like being the last guy to bid on The Price is Right and going with one dollar.
Springbok's Prediction:
Walt: Dead
Jesse: Alive, continues dealing small scale drugs
Skylar: Alive
Walt Jr: Alive, breakfast

Marie: Alive
Todd: Alive, becomes Heisenberg
Lydia: Alive, in love with Todd
Jack: Dead, killed by Walt
Gretchen: Alive
Elliot: Alive

Badger and Jessie deal for Todd for the rest of their lives.
Walt: Dead, probably from ricin
Jesse: Alive, trying to get his shit back together and live a clean life with the kid
Skylar: Alive, continues to be annoying
Walt Jr: Alive, breakfast

Marie: Alive and emo
Todd: dead
Lydia: either killed by todd for rejecting him too harshly or hauled off to jail by the DEA
Jack: Dead, killed by Walt
Gretchen: Alive
Elliot: Alive, nothing untoward will happen to these two.
Sebudai's Prediction
Walt: Assaults the Nazi compound with the M60, is killed by Jesse
Jesse: Kills Todd and Walt
Skylar: Lives, avoids prison by turning in Lydia
Walt Jr: Lives, breakfast

Marie: Lives
Todd: Killed by Jesse
Lydia: Lives, gets turned in by Skylar
Jack: Killed by Walt
Gretchen: Ricin'd by Walt
Elliot: Ricin'd by Walt

Walt will find some way to get some/all of his one remaining barrel of money to his family, although it could take years before they see any of it.

(The fact that his old neighbor sees him in the morning immediately after he retrieves the ricin makes it pretty hard to predict what he could possibly do with it)
Joe's Prediction:
Walt: Dies in rampage.
Jesse: Freed and moves to Alaska.
Skylar: Lives and gets money from Walt's planning.
Walt Jr: changes name to Flynn.

Marie: We get a therapy scene with her.
Todd: Dies by Jesse.
Lydia: Dies from Ricin.
Jack: Dies in Walt's Rampage.
Gretchen: who cares
Elliot: who cares
Sterling's Prediction:
Walt: Dead
Jesse: Alive, probably Alaska or something
Skylar: Alive, with some of Walt's money
Walt Jr: Still the Special Olympics Breakfast eating champion

Marie: Alive still not very interesting
Todd: Dead
Lydia: Alive
Jack: Dead
Gretchen: alive
Wombat's Prediction:
ast episode, he kept Skyler alive, despite Lydia's wishes; he grins when Jesse reveals Todd's murdering the kid.

The only way I can rationalize these two actions is that Todd has a strong (albeit fucked up) ethical system. Skyler is an innocent, and thus is off limits; Jesse rats in the video, which suddenly makes the permanent slavery Todd had planned for him justifiable (and thus Todd smiles because he wasn't engaged an an immoral act in enslaving him).

If the show set this up in the second to last episode, it has to pay off in the only episode left: somehow you're going to get a room with Todd, Walter, and Jesse in it, with the former two arguing to the latter about how their actions were justified. I don't think Jesse will find either of their arguments persuasive.

Or in tabular form:
Walt: Assaults Nazi base, is killed by Jesse there.
Jesse: Kills Todd and Walt, lives in anonymity in Alaska.
Skylar: Lives, gets money from Jesse on his way out of town.
Walt Jr: Lives, gets breakfast. (Sorry, I gotta steal this line.)

Marie: Lives
Todd: Killed by Jesse
Lydia: Ricined by Jesse on his way out of town.
Jack: Killed in Assault on Nazi compound.
Gretchen & Elliot: Their office or car gets shot up by the machine gun, but live when Walt finds out someone is still producing Blue Meth under Heisenberg name, cue Nazi assault.
Gilgamel's Prediction:
Todd didn't want to kill Skylar because he likes and admires Walt. I think it's pretty much that simple.

Walt: Attacks and kills nazis, frees Jesse. Is alive but soon to die at the end.
Jesse: Ends up in prison or dead. Leaning towards prison.
Skylar: Lives, but her life sucks forever
Walt Jr: Lives, I think we get one more face to face between he and walt.

Marie: Lives, I think her part is over
Todd: Takes over as the new Heisenberg
Lydia: She either gets arrested or dies, leaning toward arrested even though the ricin somehow taking her out would be fitting.
Jack: Dead by Walt's hand
Gretchen & Elliot: They have no part in the finale.

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You're not, that was his gun dealer. Mike is dead.


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2d 13h 10m
So my brother in law just gave me the first four seasons on DVD to watch. I'm only 2 episodes into the first season, and it's good but not as amazing as Boardwalk Empire/Soprano's/Walking Dead, in my opinion. Is this a series that as with Boardwalk Empire gets better with time or am I just missing the boat?


Potato del Grande
So my brother in law just gave me the first four seasons on DVD to watch. I'm only 2 episodes into the first season, and it's good but not as amazing as Boardwalk Empire/Soprano's/Walking Dead, in my opinion. Is this a series that as with Boardwalk Empire gets better with time or am I just missing the boat?
It gets, much, much, much better. It's a very slow burn, like Boardwalk. Some shows tend to have strong, then weak--this one just gets progressively better. In fact, I'd say every season blows the one before it away.


Musty Nester
89d 20h 44m
Yeah. The first season is actually sort of shit. By the time you hit midway through season 4 you're all like omg omg.


Molten Core Raider
7d 14h 15m
So my brother in law just gave me the first four seasons on DVD to watch. I'm only 2 episodes into the first season, and it's good but not as amazing as Boardwalk Empire/Soprano's/Walking Dead, in my opinion. Is this a series that as with Boardwalk Empire gets better with time or am I just missing the boat?
WoooohCowboy, a bit early in to make that call, Walking Dead isn't even in the same league as the other shows you listed. Give it some time.


So my brother in law just gave me the first four seasons on DVD to watch. I'm only 2 episodes into the first season, and it's good but not as amazing as Boardwalk Empire/Soprano's/Walking Dead, in my opinion. Is this a series that as with Boardwalk Empire gets better with time or am I just missing the boat?
Stick with it, it gets much better. I hadn't watched any of Breaking Bad until a few months ago and I flew through that shit because I constantly had to know what was next. It's definitely one of the best shows out there.


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2d 13h 10m
Well I guess it's time to pop in a few more episodes and throw back some beer!


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1h 13m
So my brother in law just gave me the first four seasons on DVD to watch. I'm only 2 episodes into the first season, and it's good but not as amazing as Boardwalk Empire/Soprano's/Walking Dead, in my opinion. Is this a series that as with Boardwalk Empire gets better with time or am I just missing the boat?
This one!

Buuuuuurn him!
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