Clumsy's World: Resurgence, an EverQuest Emulated experience

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Hey all, first time poster but loooong time lurker. Sharing what I think will be a phenomenal EQEmu server with you all. Thanks for reading.

Discord Link!


The server is currently in open beta and expected to release soon. While there will be a total wipe before launch, to elicit help ironing out bugs, we are offering an incentive to people who play during beta: you can keep two bags worth of items to carry-over to launch! Style on people on day one with your cool stuff! Beta exp is significantly faster so there's still time to make your day 1 release experience off to a good start and help iron out bugs for the server! Everybody wins!


Clumsy's World (CW) has returned! CW has been around since 2006 in two different previous iterations. It is a "semi-custom" 2box legit Kunark Era server that will eventually move into Velious and then branch into custom content. The full nuance of "semi-custom" will be explained in a further section. CW aims to be a good medium between being casual friendly with a challenging top end and things that reward more difficult play-styles. Everything you know from a Kunark Era server is intact with a whole lot more added or tweaked so your knowledge is still valuable but there will still be new twists and experiences to be had!

**The Knitty Gritty**

Below is a shorthand list of things worth knowing about the server:

- 2 boxing max

- "FV" style loot (almost everything is tradable)

- "Pre nerf" and limited items are in! Get your Guises and Manastones!

- Beastlords and Berserkers are in!

- Iksars wear plate (click that JBB, Iksar Shamans!)

- Spells and quests well beyond the Kunark Era available

- Temple Ro custom quests for Monks, Beastlords, and Berserkers

- Kunark style "clicky" armor made for Monks and Int Casters, and all Kunark Armor has some stats too

- Starting hub zone with translocator to major cities and amenities

- Origin to aforementioned hub zone, 15min cooldown

- Hub zone can summon your corpses from anywhere for a "sliding scale" Platinum fee

- Some AAs given for free at start: Endless Quiver for Rangers, all pet classes get Pet Affinity and Pet Discipline

- Vendor bought class specific charms of multiple tiers (some whispers of stronger charms existing can be heard)

- Instanced raids and custom high end raid encounters

- Raids tuned for 3-4 groups

- Bonus experience for killing yellow and red cons to incentivise groups pushing difficult content

- No spell research needed

- Universal "tiered" loot table of gems on all mobs based on level. Most of the normal plat farm areas will still be worthwhile but now everything at least drops "something" worth looting

- Similar to above, spells drops for the 50+ spells now can be attained by any mob of appropriate level

**That was a long list!**

You bet it was, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. As demonstrated by this list, CW aims to maintain the look and feel of a Kunark era server but introduce fresh content and ideas with a sprinkling of custom content to keep people interested. I highly recommend joining now and start hoarding your two bags of items to start with at launch, even if they are just Crushbone Belts and Bonechips so you can get a slight experience head start! Join our discord and ask questions, submit bugs, and get in on the ground floor of what will be a great server!

**Final Notes**

Again, I'm not the server admin but he's active on discord if you feel you want to talk directly to him. Otherwise I'm beyond willing to answer any questions. I am making this post because I've played a lot of Emu servers and I truly believe this will be a worthwhile experience.
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I probably should have posted this in the Emulated section of the forum. I'm much better at lurking. If an admin wants to move it I appreciate it. Sorry!

Edit: man y'all work fast. Thanks for the help!
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Edit: man y'all work fast. Thanks for the help!

yeah they make sure to work pretty diligently to ensure that us EQEmu folk are pretty well segregated and quarantined away from the rest of the forum, they don't like us contaminating the rest of the place ;)

naw for real tho i've been getting the EQ bug again lately, maybe.
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