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I want to write some automation that I want to be able to pixel read to get RGB values and stuff then send messages and the like such as click, drag, release mouse, etc. I know Auto hot key I think does this, but I cannot find any working examples of it. Any recommendations? Similar to like what bots do on games to auto play or whatnot.


35d 6h 38m
I really can't provide much help but a long time ago I used a version of the script below to automate fishing in Torchlight 2 to get an achievement (fucking sad, I know). It basically reads a pixel and then decides what to do based on the outcome of the color.

[AHK SCRIPT] Torchlight II Auto-fishing

Perhaps that could be a stepping stone.
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Drones and stuff
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I can't remember what it's called for the life of me, but there was some open source code used in one of the early versions of Ardupilot that would keep the drones level and oriented by recognizing the horizon. There's a lot of this sort of stuff being used in DIY robotics right now, much of which is open source.

I can't direct you towards exactly what you're looking for, but scouring DIY Drones subgroups might point you in the right direction. Look for computer vision subgroups. Or you could ask Tuco Tuco for some input.
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