Desire (Cancun) vs Hedonism II (Jamaica)

Grabbit Allworth

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My wife and I are trying to decide which to visit over the summer and I'd like to hear from those of you that have personal experience with either (or both).

First, we're not swingers or even soft-swappers. We're just a highly sexual couple looking for a titillating environment to be naughty together.

It was actually my wife's idea. ~6 months ago she had several hormone issues diagnosed and treated that reinvigorated her long-suppressed sex drive and she feels like she has some catching up to do.

I'm aware of the logistical differences between the two resorts so I'm just looking for opinions and experiences.

Sanrith Descartes

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100d 19h 3m
I have no recent info. That being said Hedo 2 was the main place when I knew about this stuff. While Jamaica is a shit hole, Mexico is a SHIT HOLE. Both have been around a long while. Check to see which place's facility has been renovated or kept up in decent shape. Do some research on the clientele. At one point the Hedo 2 crowd had a rep for being sort of cliquey and very judgemental about people's looks.

As I said my info is old. Spend some time and use the intar-web. Concentrate on the bad reviews more than the good ones.


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While Jamaica is a shit hole, Mexico is a SHIT HOLE.

Shit hole you say?