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From TFA:
Bad design? Or typical mobile game design? The world may never know.

- It wasn’t that bad getting to 35 for the Zoltan Kule quest, but now, I’m stuck not really knowing what I’m supposed to be doing to get to 40 to continue. It felt like sprinting on a track that ended in quicksand. I’m running entire dungeons or rifts and getting no more than a third of an XP bar at best. Bounties don’t seem to be doing much. World farming enemies when most are a few levels below me seems pointless. It’s just unclear what I’m supposed to be doing to progress at a reasonable pace.
- Too many story quest rewards feel pointless. I’d say after the first ten levels or so, the named items I was rewarded for completing quests, often blues, were 95% of the time not an upgrade to my current gear.
- The rewards from some dungeons feel so paltry that the entire thing felt like a waste of time. Running through the Countess dungeon at level 37 and getting nothing but blues from the final boss was a bad feeling.
- Not sure how all the monetization stuff will work in practice but guaranteeing legendary gems on rift completion through a sold item seems like a pay-to-win bridge too far to me already.


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What’s sad is this will probably make more money for them than all other Diablo games combined


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Only reason I’ll probably give it a rainy weekend is new phone and timing.

Itchy for Arcadish/polished hack and slash. Probably be reminded instantly on phone controls.

Already talking myself into Wolcen again !
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