Everquest PvP - Rise of Zek releasing Planes of Power this saturday (May 8th)

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Hello all,

First time poster, long time lurker.

In an attempt to get some more players on our little PvP box of 3 years now, I want to inform anyone that may be interested in such a server.

Rise of Zek is a mostly classic progression style PvP private server with changes geared towards PvP balance. (Hard to do in EverQuest, right?)

We've been operating since June of 2018, and have thousands of hours of development time put in. This Saturday, May 8th, will mark the final stop in our servers original vision: Open a PvP server that moves from Classic -> PoP.

With the release of PoP, we will be opening instancing to co-exist with open world zones that guilds already compete over. We feel this change was necessary; as PvP in EverQuest progresses it becomes harder for the underdog guild to stay afloat.

Now, with instancing, they may be able to do that.

Brief overview:

- Box up to 6 (if you wish, but hardly anyone does when PvPing)
- PvP balance changes of all kinds
- A very active development team
- Some custom content to keep the game alive - guild encampment system that player guilds can claim and use as a 'home base'. These encampments feature buff stations, teleports, and bind stones for non-bind classes. These encampments can be attacked and defended, and lost in the process. Different tiers of encampments are featured, one of them being a Keep/Fortress of sorts located in southern karana. (Think Dark Age of Camelot if anyone has played that)
- Hundreds of other features and fixes.

Starting today, any new player who wishes to try our server will be eligible to receive 3 characters boosted to level 60 with minimal (velious raider) gear. Feel free to ask any questions here, PM me, or join us on our discord. -> Join the Rise of Zek Discord Server!

Thanks for taking the time to read. Below is a little preview video that a community member made for us.

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