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Lord Nagafen Raider
2d 15h 11m
Welcome to the Tag Haus boys, where we fuck hard and sweat blood! This is a thread for fucked up fantasies and dark emotional baggage. Just kidding, it's where you put your gamer tag information you dumb fucks. Please spellcheck your shit so I don't have to re-edit this long list several times for one name.

This is for tags across all platforms - PSN, XBL, PC, etc. I will format it in the most sensible way possible as the list gets more comprehensive.

♿ Recommended formatting so I can just copy/paste -

Forum name - (PSN/XBL/Steam/etc: Username Example) ♿

Twitch tags and special notes added upon request.

*If you have a different name on this site than you do on this list, PM me or post it here so I can change it.*

Updated as of May 11th, 2017

: : : : :

eXarc - (PSN: Verseia)

Lenwen - (PSN: Bakavic)

Xarpolis - (PSN: Xarpolis) .[Twitch: Xarpolis]

Vaclav - (PSN: Aszuthan)

Denamian - (PSN: Denamian)

Big W Powah! - (PSN: PetsGalore)

Noodleface - (PSN: Noodle-Face) .[Twitch: Noodle_face]

Soygen - (PSN/Xbox/Steam: Soygen)

Sean - (PSN: SeanTSC) .[Twitch: SeanTSC]

Juvarisx - (PSN: Spindal_1)

Solariss - (PSN: Meatmarkets)

Aorin - (PSN: Niroa)

Djay - (PSN: TwoPint01)

Gator - (PSN: Vatic85)

Janx - (PSN: Brewchop)

Araxen - (PSN: Araxen)

vehn - (PSN: vehnn)

jooka - (PSN: jookawoo)

TheRage - (PSN: Begaro) .[Twitch: egaRehT]

Terial - (PSN: Aeramus) .[Twitch: Terial_Aeramus]

Foggy - (PSN: Trajx)

Erie - (PSN: weebles-) .Competitive player

Utnayan - (PSN: Utnayan / Origin: Utnayan) .Finally gave in

kaosu - (PSN: Kokaku)

Ramar - (PSN: AVRamar)

Eonan - (PSN: Eonan1.)

Scyfi - (PSN: Scyfi)

Nola - .[Twitch: Nolagamer]

Saladus - (PSN: StormEuphoria) .[Twitch: StormEuphoria]

spanner - (PSN: Pyreflight)

Stillborn - (PSN: xStillborn)

Grumpus - (PSN: Grumpusjiujitsu)

Regime - (PSN: RegimeBolton)

Lorren - (PSN: Scooby_609)

Grizzlebeard - (PSN: Electroneonpanda)

Coral - (PSN: PSN: Eckelberry)

Dynnus - (PSN: Sunnyd)

Strebeck - (PSN: Strebeck) .[Twitch: StrebeckTV]

Friday - (PSN: y2kefka)

Man0Warr - (PSN: man0warr1)

Anomander Rake - (PSN: sugarmonkey)

Prodigal - (PSN: prodigallsun)

MrHolland420 - (PSN: MrHolland420)

Alasliasolonik - (PSN: Lexicon929)

Julian the Apostate - (PSN: Julian__Apostate)

Zionmaster - (PSN: Kyozion)

Chorboy - (PSN: chorboy01)

Mofist - (PSN: martyMOFISTmar)

Quad - (PSN: Quaid--)

Darph - (PSN: Darphanderphus)

Rita Poon - (PSN: Essedge)

Kreugen - (PSN: DaScott804)

Uriel - (PSN: PandaBahf)

Bismarck - (PSN: bismarcian)

Nester - (PSN: Hassel99)

KCXIV - (PSN: kcxiv)

Boloboy - (PSN: Cyriclez)

DoctorSpooge - (PSN: Balzmir)

HorrorFK - (PSN: HorrorFK)

Schags - (PSN: Monk81HoF)

Chanur - (PSN: Chanur1)

Rogosh - (PSN: RogoshEE)

Altaruk - (PSN: SoulForged--)

Greyform - (PSN: Greyform)

Roxon - (PSN: DomiNate99)

Brikker - (PSN: BrikkerLive)

Rezz - (PSN: Elrezz)

spronk - (PSN: thediamondage)

Coleslaw - (PSN: Coleslawter89)

Lenas - (PSN: Lenas04)

Indyrat - (PSN: Indyrat)

Slithum - (PSN: natejs22)

Nija - (PSN: NDizzl0r)

Ruhl - (PSN: buster_sir_vix)

Vorph - (PSN: Vorph-)

Wantonsoup95 - (PSN: Wantonsoup95)

Folanlron - (PSN: Folanlron)

Fadaar - (PSN: jones_ucf)

Rude - (PSN: RudeOfTheTurks)

brekk - (XBL: brekkurz / Steam: eqbrekk / EA: brekkfu / BNet: brekk#1157) .[Twitch: brekkurz]

Mr_Bungle - (B.Net: MrBungle#11242 / Steam: Mr.Bungle)

Nemesis - (PSN: BlaqNemesis / Steam: DCNemesis / Origin: DCNemesis / BattleNet: DCNemesis#1829)

Zaphid - (Steam: Zaphid / BNet: Zaphid#2854)

Hekotat - (Steam: Hekotat / XBL: Vandeverof1 / PSN: Vandeverof1 / Origin: FoH_Heko)

Delly - (PSN: DeLLy- / Steam: Delly / BNet: DeLLy#1309)

Ratama - (PSN: RatamaDK / BNet: ratama#2610)

Denamian - (Steam: Denamian / BNet: Denamian#1847)

Schags - (PSN: Monk81HOF / XBL: Monk81 / Steam: Schags)

TJT - (Steam: TJT / BNet: TJT#1179)

Kriptini - (PSN/Steam: Kriptini / BNet: Kriptini#1493)

TheBeagle - (Steam: Beagle1820 / Bnet: Beagle#1863)

Vandyn - (Steam: Bish0p)

Tmac - (PSN: GRIFF4756)

prescient - (XBL: URNotMySuprvsr)

Chubzy Wombat - (PSN/Steam: ouimette2)

Itlan - (PSN: Lechita_)

Anomander Rake - (Steam: Chef Fragardee)

Proobs - (Steam: Proobz)

chaos - (PSN: baharna_cc)
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Lord Nagafen Raider
2d 15h 11m
Sorry boys I'm drunk as fuck right now, will update this when I clear up.


That guy
<Donors Crew>
18d 11h 21m
PSN: jones_ucf
XBL: Fadaar
Twitch: Fadaar
BNet: Fadaar#1213


Ahn'Qiraj Raider
1d 11h 39m
XBL - Aszuth can be added to the original post for me now too.


Lord Nagafen Raider
2d 15h 11m
Preeetty sure I got everything updated. Let me know if I missed something.

I didn't add the other PC and XBL shit because this was originally never for anything besides PSN but I guess if we want to turn this into a general tags thread that's fine but I don't think I can update it often enough in the near future. Maybe sticky it and let the mods edit it or something.


The Dirty Dozen For the Price of One
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33d 17h 4m
PSN/Xbox/Steam - Soygen