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Welcome to the Tag Haus boys, where we fuck hard and sweat blood! This is a thread for fucked up fantasies and dark emotional baggage. Just kidding, it's where you put your gamer tag information you dumb fucks. Please spellcheck your shit so I don't have to re-edit this long list several times for one name.

This is for tags across all platforms - PSN, XBL, PC, etc. I will format it in the most sensible way possible as the list gets more comprehensive.

♿ Recommended formatting so I can just copy/paste -

Forum name - (PSN/XBL/Steam/etc: Username Example) ♿

Twitch tags and special notes added upon request.

*If you have a different name on this site than you do on this list, PM me or post it here so I can change it.*

Updated as of May 11th, 2017

: : : : :

eXarc - (PSN: Verseia)

Lenwen - (PSN: Bakavic)

Xarpolis - (PSN: Xarpolis) .[Twitch: Xarpolis]

Vaclav - (PSN: Aszuthan)

Denamian - (PSN: Denamian)

Big W Powah! - (PSN: PetsGalore)

Noodleface - (PSN: Noodle-Face) .[Twitch: Noodle_face]

Soygen - (PSN/Xbox/Steam: Soygen)

Sean - (PSN: SeanTSC) .[Twitch: SeanTSC]

Juvarisx - (PSN: Spindal_1)

Solariss - (PSN: Meatmarkets)

Aorin - (PSN: Niroa)

Djay - (PSN: TwoPint01)

Gator - (PSN: Vatic85)

Janx - (PSN: Brewchop)

Araxen - (PSN: Araxen)

vehn - (PSN: vehnn)

jooka - (PSN: jookawoo)

TheRage - (PSN: Begaro) .[Twitch: egaRehT]

Terial - (PSN: Aeramus) .[Twitch: Terial_Aeramus]

Foggy - (PSN: Trajx)

Erie - (PSN: weebles-) .Competitive player

Utnayan - (PSN: Utnayan / Origin: Utnayan) .Finally gave in

kaosu - (PSN: Kokaku)

Ramar - (PSN: AVRamar)

Eonan - (PSN: Eonan1.)

Scyfi - (PSN: Scyfi)

Nola - .[Twitch: Nolagamer]

Saladus - (PSN: StormEuphoria) .[Twitch: StormEuphoria]

spanner - (PSN: Pyreflight)

Stillborn - (PSN: xStillborn)

Grumpus - (PSN: Grumpusjiujitsu)

Regime - (PSN: RegimeBolton)

Lorren - (PSN: Scooby_609)

Grizzlebeard - (PSN: Electroneonpanda)

Coral - (PSN: PSN: Eckelberry)

Dynnus - (PSN: Sunnyd)

Strebeck - (PSN: Strebeck) .[Twitch: StrebeckTV]

Friday - (PSN: y2kefka)

Man0Warr - (PSN: man0warr1)

Anomander Rake - (PSN: sugarmonkey)

Prodigal - (PSN: prodigallsun)

MrHolland420 - (PSN: MrHolland420)

Alasliasolonik - (PSN: Lexicon929)

Julian the Apostate - (PSN: Julian__Apostate)

Zionmaster - (PSN: Kyozion)

Chorboy - (PSN: chorboy01)

Mofist - (PSN: martyMOFISTmar)

Quad - (PSN: Quaid--)

Darph - (PSN: Darphanderphus)

Rita Poon - (PSN: Essedge)

Kreugen - (PSN: DaScott804)

Uriel - (PSN: PandaBahf)

Bismarck - (PSN: bismarcian)

Nester - (PSN: Hassel99)

KCXIV - (PSN: kcxiv)

Boloboy - (PSN: Cyriclez)

DoctorSpooge - (PSN: Balzmir)

HorrorFK - (PSN: HorrorFK)

Schags - (PSN: Monk81HoF)

Chanur - (PSN: Chanur1)

Rogosh - (PSN: RogoshEE)

Altaruk - (PSN: SoulForged--)

Greyform - (PSN: Greyform)

Roxon - (PSN: DomiNate99)

Brikker - (PSN: BrikkerLive)

Rezz - (PSN: Elrezz)

spronk - (PSN: thediamondage)

Coleslaw - (PSN: Coleslawter89)

Lenas - (PSN: Lenas04)

Indyrat - (PSN: Indyrat)

Slithum - (PSN: natejs22)

Nija - (PSN: NDizzl0r)

Ruhl - (PSN: buster_sir_vix)

Vorph - (PSN: Vorph-)

Wantonsoup95 - (PSN: Wantonsoup95)

Folanlron - (PSN: Folanlron)

Fadaar - (PSN: jones_ucf)

Rude - (PSN: RudeOfTheTurks)

brekk - (XBL: brekkurz / Steam: eqbrekk / EA: brekkfu / BNet: brekk#1157) .[Twitch: brekkurz]

Mr_Bungle - (B.Net: MrBungle#11242 / Steam: Mr.Bungle)

Nemesis - (PSN: BlaqNemesis / Steam: DCNemesis / Origin: DCNemesis / BattleNet: DCNemesis#1829)

Zaphid - (Steam: Zaphid / BNet: Zaphid#2854)

Hekotat - (Steam: Hekotat / XBL: Vandeverof1 / PSN: Vandeverof1 / Origin: FoH_Heko)

Delly - (PSN: DeLLy- / Steam: Delly / BNet: DeLLy#1309)

Ratama - (PSN: RatamaDK / BNet: ratama#2610)

Denamian - (Steam: Denamian / BNet: Denamian#1847)

Schags - (PSN: Monk81HOF / XBL: Monk81 / Steam: Schags)

TJT - (Steam: TJT / BNet: TJT#1179)

Kriptini - (PSN/Steam: Kriptini / BNet: Kriptini#1493)

TheBeagle - (Steam: Beagle1820 / Bnet: Beagle#1863)

Vandyn - (Steam: Bish0p)

Tmac - (PSN: GRIFF4756)

prescient - (XBL: URNotMySuprvsr)

Chubzy Wombat - (PSN/Steam: ouimette2)

Itlan - (PSN: Lechita_)

Anomander Rake - (Steam: Chef Fragardee)

Proobs - (Steam: Proobz)

chaos - (PSN: baharna_cc)
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7h 36m
Can you edit out the Vinyard name and just put Coleslaw instead? ty!


Lord Nagafen Raider
4d 4h 28m
Sorry boys I'm drunk as fuck right now, will update this when I clear up.


Lord Nagafen Raider
4d 4h 28m
Preeetty sure I got everything updated. Let me know if I missed something.

I didn't add the other PC and XBL shit because this was originally never for anything besides PSN but I guess if we want to turn this into a general tags thread that's fine but I don't think I can update it often enough in the near future. Maybe sticky it and let the mods edit it or something.