Funny, Strange, Random Pics

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How many pics in a post is too many? Not sure. Anyway, here are some random shots of mine over the years. 2020 has made it tough to go out shooting. Ohh well.

Car Fire I happened to see in Downtown Los Angeles when going to take night skyline pics. Overheard the police talking and something about "He said he installed a new stereo just yesterday" LOL (Due to a hard drive crash I lost the majority of pics from that night.)

Car Fire 2008.jpg

Taken at a random Car show in Long Beach.

Macro shot of a pointer on a PC, old school Monitor. Yes, I get bored...
PC Pointer.jpg

Queen Mary, about ready to get hit with a storm. Long Beach CA.
QM Storm.jpg

And of course a cat... lol
Birdbath drink.jpg

And had to do an Insect Macro... Called a "Sharpshooter"