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48d 13h 45m
Several years ago I worked at a restaurant. Anytime we'd train a new person we'd get them a 5 gallon bucket and tell them "you gotta empty the hot water out of the coffee maker into this bucket and dump the hot water down the drain to clean out the iron deposits". Now the coffee maker was plumped into the system, so it let out some scalding hot water. Not only was difficult to hold due to the heat, but the weight would get to you as this took a solid 20-25 minutes.

I've worked construction the last several years, so many good stories. One of the guys I worked with was too nervous around customers so whenever we'd start a construction job the foreman would introduce him as "Garry" (not his name). On one job the customer asked "Garry" to move the work truck so she could head out and run errands.




*garry turns around and is thinking, who the fuck is this garry guy*

This was always made even more hilarious because the guy was hard of hearing.
Cool story bro but ....




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26d 16h 37m
Oh man. Tell me you guys have hazed the new guy.

I used to work on a big ass chemical plant, with lots of production buildings - the first task we'd give to apprentice was to fetch the molecular scissors at the workshop. Of course, when he or she went to the workshop, the guys would immediatly know and said that someone on the other side of the site has borrowed them. It could last for a while.