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I feel like there is something missing there since I know of several shows far over 90% on RT, there are more then what i posted here that should get that top bar to atleas to 1%, doesnt seem to pass the smell test. Reading it platform exclusive doesnt even mean made by the platform just the rights are there for now. Weird chart.

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It's the volume of shows.

You should scroll past the "A" titles sometime, it's worse than youtube grifter channels that did stupid shit like elsa being chased by spiderman or the countless minecraft channels. Amazon has a ton of "PRIME CONTENT" that falls in this bag, which is why they omitted that number more than likely, as if it matters anyhow though as it's been proven that Amazon manipulates their own ratings. I guess the sheer volume of content makes it impossible / impractical to manipulate all the content though.


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