Giving out free keys for Firmament Wars, a real-time multiplayer strategy game on Steam


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Some of you may remember the mega-thread for Nevergrind, the Everquest knock-off, from a few years ago. I'm planning to release Firmament Wars on July 6th and I am offering free keys to anyone on this board. Just leave a reply or message me and I'll message you with a free key. Just my small way of saying thanks for taking interest in Nevergrind. And, yes, it is okay to request multiple keys, but, please, only if you plan to actually use them so friends can play.

A game of Firmament Wars takes about 10 minutes and supports up to 8 players in FFA, Team, or Ranked modes. You can select your nation name, flag, and government, each of which offers a different style of gameplay. The core gameplay is a lot like Risk with a bit of Civilization (4X gameplay elements) and a pinch of Starcraft influence.

Firmament Wars is currently in pre-release and I'm ironing out bugs and "optimizing" the gameplay for its release on July 6th. Any questions?! Let me know. You can also message me on discord.

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