Golf Clash


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1d 15h 47m
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I've been playing this lately. It's pretty fun, but seems that the RNG for clubs and balls really forces you into spending money on the higher tours.

It's very polished though. I think I'll burn out before the grind of the higher tours. The frequent tournaments keep it interesting for now.

Anyone else have any experience with this game?


Knight of the Realm
1d 1h 33m
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I played it for awhile. You can do alright as long as you don't want to play a TON. In the higher tours (dont remember numbers but the one I was at I think was 2 million per entry) you need distance golfballs to compete. There are people who have 50-60x of the best golf ball and if you don't have it they will eagle every hole while you can't even get on the green in 2.