Hollow Knight: Silksong

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Rasterizing . . .
11d 17h 29m
New Hollow Knight sequel (free to original Kickstarter backers)...no release date yet.



Likes beer
28d 22h 46m
I just played Hollow Knight for the first time after having owned it for who knows how long. It’s really a great game all around. Can’t wait to dive into this. Day 1 purchase for me. They’ve earned it.


Trakanon Raider
4d 3h 55m
@44 that penis almost got em
.... that really does look like a penis.

I don't think there is any way this could be bad, if it's a prequel and you see her grow in strength or a sequel (kinda looks like she escapes being transported, maybe after being trapped inside?). Day one purchase for sure.