I think Im going to like this place...

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37d 10h 15m
banned in about an hour, the team is on top of their shit today

Gamma Rays

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26d 3h 15m
"Yeah I'll just try that thing again. In exactly the same way as before . . . that should work."


SamDaMan's Dungeon Club
68d 22h 5m
You're correct! They were a childhood leftover that I thought would make an interesting (read: weird) decor piece. I built it from scratch, affixed them with flesh colored putty so they could stand without damaging them, and affixed the name plates. It's probably about a $450 display piece in total.

Since I'm posting here, I might as well add that I don't see why this Sharona troll was banned.. It was dumb, simple humor that a lot of us retards found an outlet in LoL. Then again, I may have just answered my own question :confused:
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42d 6h 14m
Shilling other sides and shaking down members for donations is generally frowned upon. especially after the whole Xbox to pills fiasco from the Meagan Fox from Ohio.
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