Investing in farmland


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Was wondering if anyone has any experience in this area? Was doing some initial research on some potential longer term passive investments and ran across these guys Investing in Farmland Simplified | AcreTrader.

Looks similar to some of the other commercial real estate platform like
I know here in texas you can rent cows. Need two (might be 3 now) present on your property once a year for five years straight and you get a permanent recognition as a dairy farm. Pretty much have to be retarded not to do that. No random inspections, cows are very good at hiding. Contact your local meth dealer for details.

And this is much more educational than you probably first thought it was. Remember all those movies as a kid where farmers were rich barons of the country-side?


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Here in my part of Texas the land is a bonus to whatever you get on the land, or can get. Mineral leases which that is a thing of the past now was a common one. Sometimes someone will buy land from estates soon after the death of someone before they have time to figure it out. Or from old ladies that have no clue but see the $ offered. Buy the land, cut the timber, sell the land with no timber for next to nothing and pocket the timber money.

I'm currently getting 20% of production of 1 barrel per acre on an oil lease on land someone through the oil rights on that had no clue. They were surprised when I asked about it and said "oh it doesn't have oil wells on it so you can have the mineral rights".