Lobotomy Corporation


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I picked this up on Steam sale and have been puttering around in it this week.

I described it to a fellow nerd coworker as a "horror roguelike management sim with RPG elements and a flavor akin to Cabin In The Woods".

It is somewhat difficult but I am enjoying the slow reveal of the various Abominations. At first I kept starting over from scratch but realized the game was designed to screw you hard as you riskily revealed the information on the various monsters, and once your entire crew dies or goes crazy you start over with the revealed information retained and it gets a little easier.

I haven't made it past day 8 yet. I currently have a day 8 save with a level 3 and couple level 2's that seems promising. On my latest attempt I lost my sole level 3 on an abomination that is basically 5 skin faces stretched on a rack and a face is randomly picked when your guy enters - and if it is the fifth face your guy is fucked. Sometimes you need redshirts to sacrifice......

Anyone else playing or have played it?

Edit - I Spelled rogue as rouge, the fucking douchiest spelling error to ever make, ever, ever. Fuck!
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