Marvel Battle Lines


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Anyone here playing this? I have recently gotten back into this.

For those that don't know it is a Collectible Card game with a twist. There is a 3x board that randomly spawns power that you use to play your cards that have abilities and attack and hp. These fight against one anotehr on the board. Also as another twist, you play a game of 3x4 tic tac toe to attack your opponent. Get 3 or 4 cards in a row and the combined power of the cards hits the other player or NPCs face.

Its a very interesting game within a game dynamic that has you thinking on different levels managing your power, your hand and placement of cards on the board.

There are many modes of play from the Campaign (play through the storyline), PVP/Blitz (Play your cards in an order of your choose against another player), Challenge (Play against other players decks against the AI), Special Ops(You are given 3 different goals to hit for each battle), Daily Stages (Different variations of the rules) that change every day.

Guilds are in the game to allow trading of cards within the guild. As you collect copies of a card you can level them up to make them more powerful. Lots of achievements to help level up and build your deck. I have spent no money in this game and don't feel like I have to.

Anyway, look up Mistwalkers if you want to try it out.
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