Mutant Year Zero: The Road to Eden


Knight of the Realm
8d 4h 48m
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This looks really good, and the setting captures my interest more than XCOM. This and Battletech have rekindled a spark for the turn based genre, I haven't had in forever.



<Donors Crew>
19d 17h 5m
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Interesting, followed on steam.


<Donors Crew>
10d 8h 16m
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Definitely following. Looks good.


Vyemm Raider
13d 5h 22m
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I remember watching Lirik watch the CGI video for this and you could tell the audience + him were pumped as it looked really cool and interesting. Then it showed gameplay and it was is this top-down turn based shit? :p

Does look a bit interesting although I was never into the x-com style games.


Lord Nagafen Raider
3d 16h 31m
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Looks really unique despite the X-com template. I'm interested.


Lord Nagafen Raider
11d 9h 27m
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Releases in two days, but is already out on Steam. It says 2 days, but it downloads immediately for play when you buy it now (3 day head start of full game from even the standard edition, don't think that applies to the console versions).

I didn't really know of the game, saw some parts of a youtube video on it and bought it. Xcom like gameplay is like Dark Souls like gameplay for me. Instantly interested. Add in Howard the Duck and it was a buy for me.

Differences from Xcom though is that this is much more of a linear story following a team of characters with a limit on character customization. Loot is static, so items can be found from drops\chests at designated locations. No rng in that department as far as I know. You start on iron man and die, you have to start from the beginning again, where everything up until the part you died will be the same. Same enemies, using the same skills, loot will be in the same places. Only difference might be putting a stat point in a different ability. Hence, re-playability compared to an Xcom game is low imo.

Apparently the game has been finished in as low as 11-12ish hours going up to 25. Guessing the average run will be around 15-20 hours if that is the case.

Booted it up and did the very first maps

- Maps are small now, but no idea how large they get. I'm still basically in the tutorial phase
- Real time movement makes tactical part better than Xcom in that regard. You can wait for pathing enemies and take them out alone. Enemies have hearing though so stealth plays a much larger factor. Just because one is spotted does not mean your team is spotted. More like having multiple reapers from Xcom 2.
- The first parts are easy, then basically right after leaving the first town you will suddenly realize the tutorial is over (saw this spoiled in a video, so know that the difficulty ramps up)
- (Saw this on the steam forums) In order for stealth to be viable later on, you need to focus on upgrading stealth weapons from the start. Enemy HP goes up faster than your damage, so if you don't keep stealth weapons leveled up, you won't be able to down enemies in a turn so they will alert others.
- Since no map is procedurally generated, loot and stuff is everywhere. Exploring the maps is a must
- Runs really well. Can run it flawlessly on high at 4K.
- Voice acting seems good

I like it so far.


Vizconde de la Reino
59d 11h 43m
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Vyemm Raider
4d 13h 7m
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Funcom sent me a marketing emai about this. Very weird, and out of left field but looks kind of cool. The duck, lol.


Knight of the Realm
2d 10h 7m
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Beat this over a couple of days.

It was short enough that the repetitive nature of needing to stealth kill 2-5 stragglers per map didn't bore me too badly, but then not long enough as the end fight and mission felt anticlimatic.

Hog rush and 2 circuit breaker mutations will make your life waaaaay easier if you play on a higher difficulty. Crowd control is OP.