Nebraska (Omaha?)


Ahn'Qiraj Raider
83d 12h 55m
Any must see or eat things here? Anyone in the area that might be able to go look at something for me for a few bucks before I book a flight. Eyeballing an exotic car out there, a little suprised it isn't sold, so would be nice if someone could get eyes on it since I don't trust the dealer at all to not omit something. If all goes well and everything alligns would be flying out to drive the car back.


Karazhan Raider
194d 9h 51m
The zoo was a big deal 20 years ago when I would go for the college world series Marlin Perkins and mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom show did a lot for it I guess. SAC (Strategic air command) museum not far from town. That was about all I saw.