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my 6 year old loves catching pokemons on my phone and recently a friend in his summer day care showed him the card game. i played MtG a ton when it came out, so looking forward to this. Aside from the current phone game and the Southpark episode, i know nothing about Pokemon.

any thing i really need to know before we buy some packs at Target?

what's the range of rarity rage? if he gets something rare/expansive, should I put it in a protector or at least prevent him from bringing it to school? i can imagine older kids offering him some unfair trades.

how many packs is a good starting amount so he and I can play?


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24d 11h 6m
Alright here's the skinny.

Right now certain Pokemon cards are incredibly expensive, I'm talking about $80+ they are also going to increase in price since Pokemon just announced a "Pro-Tour" in the style of magic.

Your best bet is to buy a box set with a preconstructed deck. They sell them at Target and local card shops. They will not come with anything worth money but will be a deck that he can play out of the box. Get one for yourself as well of a different type and learn the rules together and play with him.

If your child opens a "Full Art,Mega,EX" or any other type of card that looks different from the rest, take it and check the price and if it's worth money sell it online and use the money to buy him more cards.

He's 6 so chances are he won't really know how to play or really care about playing most little kids collect the cards. The problem is that a lot of these cards are so expensive that little kids ruin them by playing them without sleeves or bending/drooling on them that they become worthless.






And various other cards with $50+ price tags. It's not as expensive as let's say Vintage magic. but Pokemon beats the pants off of ANY current card game in terms of return per box.

So, What you do is you take his expensive cards sell them and then buy him cheap EX cards to replace them. Kids are stupid anyways he won't know the difference.
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