RIP Avicii (Tim Bergling)


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38d 18h 26m
died on 4/20, what irony. I was never a fan of his music, maybe because every one of his hits was played to nausea on radio but 28 is a too young to die. A whole life ahead. I guess talent really burns the candle from both ends.


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I didnt enjoy wake me up but I liked his other songs, went to a couple concerts and rolled to levels, was good times. Was hoping he would return to music, RIP.


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15d 5h 52m
Kinda read up on him, wtf he drank too much by 23 his organs were fucked is what it sounds like? I drank atleast 5 1000ml of 151 a week for a while when i was 23-28 and never had issues but i never mixed it with pills or anything else.

He had fucked his organs up by 23 from the articles i skimmed over. Sounds crazy after seeing how much booze and drugs people will do in college
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