Songs that elicit an extremely powerful memory from childhood


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I thought this would be neat to have a thread about very specific songs that elicit an powerful, yet specific memory from your childhood, and what exactly that memory was and what you think about every time you hear the song - either on the radio or by it just so happening to come up in youtube or whatever.

Music has always had a profound effect on me. I cannot work well without music (and would do bad at any job I could not have it at). A video game can still be enjoyable to me if it has an amazing soundtrack even if the game isnt very good and the opposite is true as well - an amazing game with a terrible soundtrack is hard for me to play. I rarely turn music off on games. I probably spend at least 6 hours a day listening to music of some kind, and I love practically anything except maybe gangster rap.

I'll start with two for me.

My mom always played this song after my parents divorced. I made a cassette tape of me trying to sing it to her to cheer her up (lol) since I never really understood the lyrics of it just knew she liked the song. Obviously a tough time in my childhood that takes me back to 1986 when I was 9, and heard this song all the time. It always reminds me of going through those times with mom and dad.

My brother and I were always close, and he was off in the military during gulf war 1, and gave me this CD (I was in my new age music phase, yanni and all that shit) to enjoy. The whole album is amazing, but this song brings up many childhood memories of itself, but most importantly was listening to it and hoping my brother was allright during the war. This is one of the only CDs I own today. Brother listened to it when he got back and also loved it. Said that had he known it was that good, he would have bought a copy for himself back then.


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I can't link them right now but the two that are the most vivid to my childhood are

Van Halen - Right Now
Dire Straits - Money for Nothing

Both take me back to care free days of riding bicycles/big wheels with crappy tape players duct taped to them playing the same songs over and over again. Everytime I hear them I get goosebumps.


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One of the first times I seriously made out with someone the song "These Eyes" by the Guess Who played.

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I guess this qualifies in my childhood, was always impressed seeing some of the end game raids that I wasn't able to see (few tiers behind).


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Side 1 Song 1 on Destroyer, Detroit Rock City. My earliest memories of really just sitting and listening to music. Whenever I would stay at my Aunt and Uncle's for a visit, my Uncle would let me look through his albums and play them for me. 6 year old me with huge headphones laying on a bean bag chair jamming out to KISS.