Sound System for Warehouse


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3d 18h 43m
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Anyone got any knowledge or advice on installing a sound system for a roughly square warehouse?

Opening a gym in 8 weeks and need to sort out sound. Not a huge space, 5000sqft, and we will be using a phone with Spotify for the music. We feel like we only need 2 speakers and then the controls to plug the phone into them. We've got a builder who can put them up if we buy the speakers and mounts etc.

Anyone got any recommendation for speakers / size / media control the speakers will plug into etc? Trying to save paying a company.


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19d 3h 28m
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This is more complicated than you think. You have to take in to account the refractory surfaces. I'm guessing sound bounces around like a bitch in there. In which case, many, smaller speakers allow you to keep the volume down and still maintain an even sound-field throughout the room. Two speakers means there are going to be really loud areas, and quieter ones. Also, intelligibility will be an issue with only two speakers in that space. Nothing will sound good.


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21d 14m
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Someone that actually knows something about audio should chime in, but I recently stumbled across a video about just using a cheap Dayton sound exciter and some large panels of cheap material (balsa wood, extruded polystyrene) for some surprisingly good and space filling speakers.

Anyone else with experience know anything about this? Thinking about giving it a try myself.


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8d 18h 22m
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Take some pictures of the space and find a local DJ hire shop/sales place and show them. You probably have regulations so stay away from anything home built imo.


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Keep in mind this is a place you want people to come to almost every day, so you should do it right not cheap. People will notice bad


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Make sure to have a mic hooked up to the system so you can yell at people frok the comfort of your desk