Star Trek Online

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Lord Nagafen Raider
Jul 31, 2016
1d 4h 5m
Star Trek Online is a Star Trek themed free to play space MMO with ground combat. It is managed by Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment who also run Neverwinter Nights. The game contains many hours of cheesy drama filled story missions set in an alternate timeline. The main draw of the game is the space combat and ship collecting although it does have an odd ground combat system. The end game consists of comparing DPS parses, playing space barbie, and getting space rich. Cryptic Studios regularly releases new story missions, new group zones and new ships. They also release medium sized expansions every year or two.

The game is currently only for PC but is releasing on Xbox One and PS4 later this year.




Currently running is a special event called Agents of Yesterday which is similar to the Delta Recruit event they ran last year. It is a TOS themed new player experience. Information can be found below. There are a few weeks left before the event ends.

Agents of yesterday event:!


I think your wife's a bigfoot gus.
<Donors Crew>
Jul 30, 2016
6h 20m
Now available on consoles.
Jul 30, 2016
Free original series bundle pack claimable up until 2 pm pacific today. Not much notice, they sprung it last minute for the 50th anniversary of the first episode airing. People were bitching about nothing happening, I suspect it was just tossed out there to stop the rabble rabble.
The bundle is listed as 100 percent off in the store.
Star Trek Online 50th Anniversary Giveaway | Star Trek Online.

Wish I'd posted this yesterday, only a few hours left.


Knight of the Realm
Aug 3, 2016
4h 33m
Blargh, why does everyone need their own version of Steam? Rift, Ubisoft and now Star Trek(Arc?). I was going to snag the free stuff for later, but too lazy to add another launcher.
Jul 30, 2016
So this came out on console and I hand't played since release on PC. Lots of stuff changed. Still mostly the same fundamentals but the story and quests are completely different now. Plus the other factions which is neat. The time quest Drake gives you though is AIDS. Parts just don't make sense and I've yet to complete it because it became overly annoying to finish.

I stopped at the part where you're on the 23 century part. I mean why the fuck are you not going to bring a scanner with you? They go out of their way to say they are hard to come by in the 24th century, so fuck it, go back and time and scavenge some shit and just make your own. All the back and forth just got to me on this mission and never finished. Just rolled a Klingon and stopped when the stories paths met.

Dr Neir

<Donors Crew>
Jul 30, 2016
Phoenix boxes have crashed the dil market. If you have any massive dil you like to sell for the boxes or for zen. Now is the time. Its dropped from 450 per 1 zen to 280 per 1 zen.
Fucking hate it, its crashed a ton of other things market wise.
Oh, Q thing is live!


Blackwing Lair Raider
Aug 1, 2016
6h 25m
Been a while since I've played this. Is the console version fun / workable? Or should I stick with PC?

Dr Neir

<Donors Crew>
Jul 30, 2016
I dont play on console so no clue. Co-worker has been and likes it. From their twitter posts, the console version is behind many of the features available on PC.
I know the console is on its own server, about standard for cross-platforms.