Star Wars: Episode IX (2019)


Chairman Meow
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31d 11h 42m
IT's hard to say star wars was a failure. How many billion dollars did they make, even after paying Lucas billions?

More like they've sucked out every last penny and realize that they'll start to lose money if they keep making them.

The whole hiatus thing is even a sly bit of marketing, while i'm sure it's also true. If it's the last one for the next ten years it increases the value of it. If you know another SW movie is coming out next year, there is an audience which is more likely to wait.

They'll start it up again around 2030.
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Vyemm Raider
14d 6h 15m
D&D aren't shelved and their project is going forward. 2030 is way off unless we get news of D&D being shelved.

It's going to be 3 years at most-- enough time for Kennedy to transition away from Lucas Film towards the end of her current contract.

Disney tried to avoid the hiatus scenario by asking both Feige and JJ to take over Kennedy's position prior to resigning her again for 3 more years, but neither of them were interested around this time last year.
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Vizconde de Plata del Reino
96d 19h 44m
This is the worst idea in the history of bad ideas. Holy fuck, I'm at a loss for words on just how bad this shit will end up being.
i can only imagine that no real directors will touch this franchise poison with a ten foot pole. you gotta answer to this bitch who only wants woke movies and you take the hit when its trashed by the fans. no way.
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OU Ariakas

Get it ALL together and put it in a backpack
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35d 6h 9m
Disney is fucking stupid because they took these movies,or even this trilogy, and treated it as its own microcosm without a thought to the franchise's future.

If they were smart they would have taken a good year or two with some great sci-fi writers and asked them to imagine all the galaxy's defining occurences for the next two hundred years. Now they have a setting. Then they do the same thing with the main characters and their families for the next few decades and then decide who will be present for what events and finally how to make those into movies.

Its like they never knew world building existed or that it could help them chart a course through this brand new age of tens of movies all connected together in a single universe. Instead, they keep reading the same stories with memeber-berry cameos/plots to make money now instead of building something lasting.
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Got something right about marriage
41d 9h 2m
Disney is converting it to a kid's franchise. And it will probably be successful.


14h 28m
The official title had me laughing my ass off.

I only thought of the Plinkett review of Revenge of the Sith "It's too late the backtrack the entire last film".