TES Online

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Knight of the Realm
Jul 30, 2016
Starting this because I didn't see a new thread about it. Is the game still populated or is it a ghost town? It's for 20€ on Steam, maybe it's worth that much for a world to explore and stuff.

In case I decide to waste time on it, what's a good soloing class to wreck everything around?
It could become a filler game.


Unelected Mod
Jul 22, 2016
4h 58m
Man I wanted to like this game. I even got my one and only infraction on rerolled for arguing with Utnayan about not having an open mind about it.

Then it was so bad that even as much fun as I have had in the past with PRX, I got to like lvl 20ish in the game and quit.


Lord Nagafen Raider
Jul 30, 2016
13h 54m
I'm bumbling around on PS4 every now and then. I think I'm level 24 at the moment. If you see me playing shoot me a message. PSN is NDizzl0r.


Ancient MMO noob
<Donors Crew>
Jul 30, 2016
The grind and animation are so bad in this game...
Aug 1, 2016
I posted a lot in the old forums about this game. I was a fanboy at first, but then a lot of things happened that made me really hate Bethesda (yes, ZOS is separate, but trust me, Bethesda is calling the shots.) They really had a chance to make a great game, and I think Matt Firor had a good vision of a PVP endgame, but a lethal mixture of incompetent net coding, suits with too much say in development because of investments, and the desire to make this a game for everyone ruined its chances. It's boring as fuck after you've played it for a year (or less if you aren't a masochistic grinder like me.) I played for the first year and realized I was beta testing for the console release. Nothing really new came out after the first couple updates. I guess in the last year that I haven't been playing, they've released more of the same boring shit. Nothing that could make me forget the giant ass-fucking they gave pc players during that first year.

Fuck you, Paul Sage. I'm not sure what kind of severance package you got when you finally got axed, but I hope you aren't ruining any other games right now.


Knight of the Realm
Jul 30, 2016
Honestly my idea was just to screw around and see the zones. Explore a bit and play it like I would play a single player game. I was just wondering if it was total shit or something was salvageable.
Anyway thanks for the insights.


Blackwing Lair Raider
Jul 30, 2016
1d 3h 6m
Honestly my idea was just to screw around and see the zones. Explore a bit and play it like I would play a single player game. I was just wondering if it was total shit or something was salvageable.
Most of the super hardcore gripes about a game only apply to end game, if your goal is to get in and dick around then you won't be too disappointed.

Combat is your typical hack and slash with basic rotations.

The story is pretty good.

The graphics are about on par with a low budget RPG.

Overall if you have low expectations going in and you get the game on sale, it's a decent play.


Knight of the Realm
Jul 30, 2016
19h 59m
There are things to enjoy in TESO but ultimately whatever kind of player you are there is a game which is better. One thing which really bothered me about it is how much of a mess the crafting system is and how bad the dungeon finder is (does it even work properly yet?).. If those two things were better then the game would have had a lot more longevity.. It still has a big open world and there's a lot of exploration you can do. For explorers and achievement hunters it's a pretty decent game.

The combat had elements to enjoy but ultimately it was pretty poor (especially compared to Black Desert). The ability to tailor classes was probably one of its strongest points. It had an ok story if you're into that kind of thing. RVR was very unbalanced and zergy.

I love the elder scrolls world and desperately wanted to like this game.. I played it almost to max level but the thing that really killed it for me was the lack of arena PvP and the broken dungeon finder.
Aug 1, 2016
Yeah, it's worth the box price - you'll get a lot of hours of fun out of it if you just take it for what it is - a fairly shallow, single player, theme park game with the ability to bring in strangers for the odd dungeon here and there. Don't count on any end-game content to be compelling, and accept that the RVR portion is meaningless with no real progression and lots of lag problems during primetime.


Knight of the Realm
Jul 30, 2016
1h 30m
I am not sure I like the changes they recently made with the One Tamerial patch. Essentially the world and your gear scales now. So you can do anything, go anywhere. Its weird, and takes something away from the game imo. I like that there are places I can yet go, or encounters I cant yet handle as it gives you something to work towards.


Janitor of the Realm
Jul 30, 2016
1d 16h 42m
This is the most disappointing MMO ever made. It took a massive budget and combined it with the most MMO-friendly IP and game reputation ever made and ended up terrible.

I made a lot of posts on RR why exactly, but I'll sum it up here: They should have followed the Elder Scrolls example of "go anywhere, do anything" and tried to have as much of a sandbox game as possible in an MMO. Where you'd do what you wanted, impacted the world and players around you and had a tremendous amount of freedom no one thought possible.

Instead, they went the opposite way. Other players were as anonymous as they could make it, everything you did had minimal impact on the world or other players and you were pretty much forced to follow the on rails questing system that was so overbearing by level 20 you just didn't care anymore. Leveling feels like being alone in a library reading a children's fiction book.

Bottom line: Matt Firor has no concept of what an enjoyable MMO should be, what Elder Scrolls is and how to combine those.


Knight of the Realm
Aug 7, 2016
You've got a genre full of dumpster fire games so why not this over your other shitty options? Maybe you'll get a few hours of fun out of it before that feeling of "this is truly fucking terrible" starts to sink in.


Watcher of Overs
<Donors Crew>
Aug 4, 2016
12h 6m
I noticed that now you can do the main storyline at any level, so I've been doing all the Dumbledore and Shepard stuff at level 20.