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Bronze Squire
Hi folks!

I wanted to post to bring attention to The Firiona Vie Project EQEmu progression server, and hope to attract some interested players.

Our goal is to emulate parts of the FV experience, but starting from a classic launch:
  • Almost ALL loot is droppable (exceptions for Epics, Artifacts, etc.)
  • Old loots are active (Manastone, Rubicite, J-boots, etc.)
  • Common Tongue starts at 1 skill if you're not human--you have to learn it
  • Pre-revamp Cazic Thule, RunnyEye, Rathe Mountains
  • Pets blow up when you zone
  • Original Highpass Hold, Freeport, Nektulos, Lavastorm, Commons
  • Classic experience rate with a group bonus
  • Classic spell lists, stat caps, and trade skills
  • Rain of Fear (ROF2) Client support (with patcher)
  • Open Source quest scripts
  • Vast wiki with active authors
  • Engaged server staff
We've easily put thousands of hours into creating this world, so you can expect that it's fairly polished. We don't want to see bot armies, so ask that you refrain from third-party software usage, and restrict the number of characters that you're running (we understand if you want to run a couple until the population picks up). There are some aspects of the real FV world that we do not intend to implement at this time, including teams and trivial loot code, as it's unlikely that either would encourage any sort of growth of the server population, especially on an emulator world.

We have been offering special in-game bonuses quite regularly, typically in observance of holidays. For instance, our May the Fourth celebration saw increased health and mana regeneration, Groundhog's Day saw double experience, Easter had no corpse runs, etc.

Please join our Discord server if you'd like to chat, or have any questions on getting started.
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Vyemm Raider
Do away with the common tongue and pets not zoning. Those do nothing but make fewer people want to play.
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