The Global Internet Report - Oct 2018


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(This was originally posted on the League of Legends Reddit)

Fun read.

Highlighting some "worldwide" statistics:
  • Netflix is 15% of total Downstream traffic
  • Bittorrent is almost 22% of total Upstream

  • League of Legends is over half of the gaming connections worldwide at 51.53%.
    • Fortnite however, takes the crown in the Americas, and Player Unknown BattleGrounds (PUBG) takes APAC.
  • Nest Thermostat: 55th of all connections at 0.16%, 344th of all upload bandwidth at 0.01%
  • Ethereum 0.01% of all connections 277th worldwide
  • Bitcoin 0.02% of Upstream Bandwidth 224th worldwide
  • Alexa 0.05% of all connections 97th worldwide >0.01% of all Upstream 448th worldwide
  • Siri 0.05% of all connections 102nd worldwide 0.04% of all Upstream 143rd worldwide
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I mentioned this in another thread, but the numbers are showing that piracy is back on the rise and is likely due to streaming being split between more players in the market, and people being unable to keep legitimate access to everything they want to watch (The same shit that is a large reason people cut the cord from cable) within a reasonable overall cost.

I only pay for Prime, and wouldn't bother with Netflix if I wasn't sharing it with a family member. It would take a miracle for me to be willing to pay for another service instead of just torrenting the rest.

Also, those LoL numbers are bonkers