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Some might recall this day in the investing thread. In the weeks before we "really" understood that the World was going to shut down the global economy over Coronachan, I chose to start dollar averaging down my XOM position instead of just riding out the paper loss or more correctly using a stop/loss. This is why it is so critical to learn from your mistakes. Anyway, By Black Monday I had tripled+ my XOM position and was in a God awful fucked position. So I finally got my head right and stopped buy and began selling covered calls to slowing begin making some money are my dead money shares. It was working the first couple of months and then on Month 3 of selling my calls I got distracted at work while setting the order and set a sell order not a sell call order. Click the mouse, and the shares were sold. About a 28% loss. The XOM fiasco is the worst trade I have made. Not the click mistake, but the actually constant chasing down the price in the face of overwhelming data telling me to cut bait. Absolutely shitty investing. Total cash loss was about 5k.

ps.. this was back when we still were paying commissions on trades too :mad:


My first ever options trade. I knew absolutely nothing about options and combined it with the beginnings of the Coronachan debacle. Again compounded by dollar cost averaging down. el-oh-el at the $320 strike BA call options. BA is still sitting around $200 two years later.


Morale of the story: Dollar cost averaging is ok... if you have a partial position and are looking to fill the position AND the fundamental reason you bought the stock hasnt changed and you are buying on a technical support level. Oh, and dont trade options until you know what the fuck you are doing.
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Don't have any screenshots for the loss porn, but I'm down about 62% in my entire crypto portfolio since October. I mean everyone's down a fair amount right about now but I also rode the Shiba Slide for 3 months before this.
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It's a great buy-in price!

At least I only had 20k in this time not 100k like before, lol. (I am still up like 30k on ETHE, even after taxes.)
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14d 51m

Crypto being crypto lol. Think I’m in for a total of 15k or so and have probably cashed out around 25k during the run last year so it’s at least house money.
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This action wouldn't be in line with cutting off my nose to spite my face, though.
Taxable account? Hate to see this but I don't think you should take a fuck it attitude. Right the ship. What's gone is gone try to focus. Think you posted before but what's the listing of holdings?

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The holdings of an incompetent dipshit (Yes this is taxable account, I contribute my % and company match to some 401k I don't even look at.)

FYI, I've read a few books to the point I basically know what I SHOULD be doing. But implementation of knowledge is alot different than just learning. To build off this, I already know my sizing is fucking absurd. The Day Trade book said not to risk anything more than 2% per trade? You (Blazin) said you only risk 0.5% on riskier positions. I know every position I take I should have an exit strategy. I know every position I take I should have an idea of where / when / how to take profit. I know about the reversion to the mean. I know to not be a fucktard with options (I haven't touched them and already educated myself on them a fair bit.)

I mean this is basically the crux of my problem. I should've put 95% of my money into an index and used that 5% for speculative / play money. But I didn't. So now I'm in a rock and a hard place. Do I accept I fucked up potentially 5-10 years of gains? Or do I work hard to right the ship? I've picked the latter and while I had a good month in January this month has kicked my ass. And a lot if it is self sabotage. I was up $400 on that OSTK short. I was up another $400 on a U short that ended up going sour. I closed other positions way too fast that would've paid out more (HOOK & OCGN.)

And the only reason I short is because of how screwed I got going long. Admittedly I need to learn how to make money long. Closing losers and making money as a bull are my two highest priorities right now. I mean fuck, if I just bought TSLA at $700 yesterday I wouldn't be whining like a bitch. Oh well.
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