The Pillow Thread


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2d 19h 5m
I have had our MyPillows for around 2 - 3 weeks at this point. I am not disappointed so far. When they arrived I thought there could not possibly be enough filling and I must have ordered the wrong size. I got the...white one and my wife the green.

Now, I don't have a great basis for comparison as my existing pillows weren't much more than glorified pillow cases at that point. However, the pillow is comfortable, large, and has good support / softness ratio. I cannot confirm or deny the lack of temperature change of the pillow at all one way or the other.

So far so good.


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I bought a MyPillow as well, and so far I'm digging it. At first I thought it was going to be horrible, but it maintains its loft very well. My previous pillow was one of those foam/gel things from Brookstone.


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69d 9h 39m
Any update on the pillow front?

I'm about to try out a Buckwheat one myself, so let's see how that goes.


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1h 24m
Ordered a couple of these a few months ago when they were on sale:

Refael CollectionT Bamboo Memory Foam Hypoallergenic Pillow with Carry Bag

Great pillow, it's memory foam but instead of being 1 big solid piece, its like little nuggets of memory foam inside. So while its firmer than a normal pillow, its still pretty soft and malleable. I have a big-ass head and I used to by a pillow and it would be all flat and lumpy in a few months, but this one is holding up like a champ, its still as fluffy as the day I bought it 3-4 months ago.
Disregard this advice. I've switched back to a normal pillow. The memory foam pillow was great if you are on your back or side, but it's WAY to thick for sleeping on your stomach, and I tend to do a little of all of that, I turn over a lot all night long. Thing started to kill my neck after a few months, it really jacks your neck at a bad angle when you're on your stomach, It's almost like being on 2 normal pillows(thickness-wise)


Life's a Dream
69d 9h 39m
So I ended up not liking the Buckwheat pillow. So $60 down the tubes. It wasn't worth it to me to send it back, because it would only be $20 after all is said and done. The pillow itself was comfortable enough, but I sat wide awake all night. I just couldn't settle down enough into falling asleep, and I'm not sure why.

I ended up buying a down pillow after that. Way too flat in my opinion, so I went with a polyester fill one, and that's better. I've had the foam ones forever, but realized it was fucking with my posture... my neck was permanently leaning forward as a result of YEARS of foam pillow use. After swapping to the flatter polyester one, my posture is almost back to where it should be.


marco esquandolas
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187d 19h 18m
Quite interested in how she likes it. The water part sounds great but pain if it ever got a leak.


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so far she's liking it, filling it up was simple, place it vertical and just pour water with a funnel, we tried 100oz of water so far. I'm listing 100oz b/c i weighed it with my kitchen scale for reference, they said this would be "medium" soft and firm with +/- 40oz

the cap has a nice big gasket so i don't think it'll be leaking, also it's super huge and fluffy, i've always had "standard" pilllows or foam sizes, this is like king size large, i used it and i like it too, might return the buckwheat pillow and get one of these for myself. (still testing out the buckwheat)

and if you follow the simple "squeeze air out" instructions, you won't hear any sloshing.


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13d 13h 58m



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I still have my mypillow and I still love it. Wife loves it as well. Its just good shit.


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12d 20h 21m
Have had a mypillow for over a year and still love it.


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36d 12h 13m
Purchased a white level queen size from amazon for the my pillow. Currently have whatever pillows they sold at bed bath and beyond a year ago. They are awful now and it takes forever for me to fall asleep and I wake up feeling awful. I hope you guys were right about these things :p


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48d 6h 5m
Any recent updates on pillows? Found myself shopping around now and hoping to get updates on everyone who tried something new 2-3 years ago. Between a shredded memory foam type and these buckwheat ones currently.