The Science Video Thread


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2d 14h 13m
It's a Libertarian based platform for approaching science. It's more "politiscience" than actual science.
Its an interview with an experimental 'real' science PHD about his pet projects. Science doesn't get more raw than that. Anyone labeling his work 'politiscience' or whatever, needs to take a closer look at their justifications, and their biases. Speaking of, can you point to any politics in the professors message that would call his methods into question?

Pollack Laboratory - Pollack Laboratory

As for the venue, you simply wont find one absent some sort of bent. Hell, even class room text books aren't absent bent.

I think the interviewer kept the things rather objective. I mean, besides the obvious jabs at the establishment.

Oblig Video:
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1d 4h 55m
The Start
The beginnings of it all.

The End. The absolute end of it all. Nothingness.

Enjoy Nerds I know I did.