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Being Poor Sucks.
Word for word remake of State of Georgia Vs. Denver Fenton Allen court proceedings. Wonder how many hundreds of takes this took for Justin. Can hear him laugh a few times in both voices.

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Mr. Poopybutthole
Dudes got caught cheating at fishing tournaments by stuffing weights and fish fillets into their catches. They've won almost half a million last year apparently

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Ultra Maga Instinct
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Mental illness.

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Golden Baronet of the Realm
Professional fisherman caught cheating at a tournament with a $100,000+ winners pot. They have won numerous big money tournaments in the past as well. Part of the prize money is from $1000s of dollars, per person, in entry fees.

Gutting the fish up close:

Longer video that the above was pulled from (2 min):

Secondary perspective of the weigh-in leading up to, and including the getting caught (farther back from the crowds POV). I timestamped it for right before they got caught, can rewind if you want to see more:
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Blackwing Lair Raider
I think there's a lot of bad psychologists out there but this one I think does a very good job at giving a rough idea of what's going on in this killers mind. You can even see him nodding throughout it, almost involuntarily agreeing that what he's saying is correct. That killers like him are both born and made, by his genes & his upbringing.

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