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Are there any Twitch streamers in the Rerolled community? I just started getting into it (both viewing and streaming) and I'd love to talk to more people about it, though I haven't found any sort of online forums where people discuss it.

Do any of you stream? If so, how long have you been doing it and what do you stream?

(Btw this is my first post, I was on FOH and worked for Uberguilds back in the day. Glad to see this community is still carrying on)


Tread Lightly
4d 21m
I have been doing a bit of it since I made a new PC a month ago. With ShadowPlay from Nvidia, it's like, why not run it?

Pretty much exclusively Dark Souls II, but I have Child of Light, Divinity, and some others on deck. I don't run a webcam or talk over the videos because I'm not interested in acting like some kind of character, I just play the games and if someone wants to watch that's cool.

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I've been streaming/casting some of the games for the Rerolled Hearthstone tournaments I've been organizing.


Just a Nurse
5d 19h 13m
I stream Pathfinder (on Roll20) as well as various games that I play on Steam.


Mainly use it as a VOD recording platform for guides on JunkiesNation. But recent changes to highlight saving will change this for me.

I'll be regularly streaming my Path of Exile hardcore endeavors here soon.

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So I got asked to be on a D&D show on Twitch every week and decided to start streaming regularly on my own. I've been streaming Hearthstone 20 hours a week for the last couple of weeks on a fixed schedule (1-5 PST M-F). It is so much fun. I actually really like interacting with chat, helping people with their decks, going off on tangents, etc. I'm up to 107 followers and am getting between 14-35 people watching me regularly. If I could make a living doing this for a couple of years I'd be very tempted, I think it'd be an awesome experience.


Vyemm Raider
53d 7h 42m
Let me start out this thread with the inevitable: "I don't understand how people can watch other people play video games blah blah blah blah blah."


Lord Nagafen Raider
9d 2h 17m
I use twitch service more for background noise then actually watching games...

Livestreamers software let's you pull only the Audio track from any stream using VLC player..Overview Livestreamer 1.10.2 documentation(1million times better then that shit flash player they are using.)


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25d 47m
I don't understand how people can watch other people play video games
I'm old and I have arthritis, so the only way for me to see what pubg would have been like back in my teens is by watching through streamers' eyes.

Plus I wasn't ever as good as Shroud/Doc etc., so I like to watch them too just to see what it would be like if I was born as the terminator...



A Mod Real Quick
34d 19h 0m
There are many other reasons to watch streamers.

Why read a game review anymore when you can watch a dude play it live
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Trakanon Raider
5d 2h 46m
It somewhat makes sense with sports, as not everyone has a 100 yard field, goals, equipment and two dozen friends to play football.
People don't watch sports simply because they don't have access to playing sports.

The perspectives are completely different and different parts of the brain are fired.

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45d 3h 46m
People don't watch sports simply because they don't have access to playing sports.

The perspectives are completely different and different parts of the brain are fired.
I dont know man, ive been in the trenches of the internet accessing it unfiltered since bbs days and streaming is the one thing I simply can not wrap my head around. I remember when I first heard the word blog and what it was way back in 2001 and laughed at it but Ive come to understand it.

Streaming though? Why? I can see watching a person if they are showing off a new game, reviewing one, its a tournament etc. But just watching them randomly play a game theyve played for god knows how many hours? And then "donating" to them on top of it?

Ill never understand it. Its like paying me to take a dump, I would be doing it regardless.


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23d 12h 42m
twitch streaming isn't about the game being played, its about the streamer and being part of his "community". Its an illusion of course but a good streamer makes you feel like you and everyone else watching are all friends, in this together and have each others backs. I'd call it v3.0 of the online community with the first being BBS's and usenet and the like, the second being MMOs/ICQ/AOL/forums, and now the third wave being facebook/twitch/instagram/snapchat.

Will definitely be interesting to see where v4.0 takes us.
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Trakanon Raider
5d 2h 46m
For me, even as early as kindergarten with NES, I enjoyed watching others play perhaps even more then doing it myself. Friends would fight over controllers , but I always passed my turn.